Possible to fail pre commisioning course?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by everymothersdream, Jan 27, 2010.

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  1. Hi, I am due to attend Sandhurst in May and have my precommisioning course in March. Regarding the nature of these few days does anyone know if it possible to fail this course for reasons apart from fitness? (eg. medical) the reason I ask is I was planning to quit my current job as soon as this was complete. However I am very tempted to leave now as my relationship with my boss has got so bad i feel it would be best for me to hand in my notice now knowing i would still have a half decent reference in the future. Obviously if there was a chance i would not be able to attend RMAS this would change my willingness to do this.
    Most specifically i am concerned regarding the medical on this course, I am quite severly colour blind and failed to identify all but one of the colour plates correctly at main board. Does anyone know i this is tested again more thourghly before i attend sandhurst? I am currently sponsored by infantary regiments and i believe the requirments for this are CP4? will there be any other tests at the precommisioning course to discover whether i meet this standard or is it just assumed as its the lowest one I will be?

    Thanks a lot for any help you can offer.
  2. I think your best bet would be to contact Sandhurst directly, also the medical centre at Westbury may be able to give you the best advice. Congratulations on passing main board and good luck in May!
  3. Thanks when i spoke to them yesterday, they said they could not go into the specifics of the medical over the phone and gave the standard advice as to "not leave present employment until i have a firm job offer". The problem being im not sure that i have that now or until my pre commisioning course is completed.
  4. everymothersdream - I have handed my notice in already, but that's as I don't like my current profession. From my knowledge you can still fail on the medical. Fitness tends to get deferred...

    My ACA mentioned that they brought the dates of the PCCBC's forward as they were failing people on medical grounds because they didn't have sufficient time to investigate items from their medical records. The earlier PCCBCs give them more time to properly look at candidates.
  5. Guessing EOD and AT won't be for you.

    My last boss was colour blind but not sure how badly. I'd have to see him in civvies for that.

    Good luck anyway.
  6. Im due to do my PCCBC in March so that hopefully I can start in May. I'm slightly concerned over the medical thing too as I had to appeal my AOSB medical decision! I mean I've already done one medical ffs!
  7. I'm booked for PCCBC in March and RMAS in May, and similar to X I've already done the sensible thing and quite my job, and I am now working for my parents... Feeling a little nervous about the PCCBC medical as had knee surgery in the distant past, and whilst I've cleared AOSB medical I am concerned that the whole thing could still be kiboshed by the medicos at Sandhurst!
  8. No offence meant to anybody here, but is it really wise to quit your job until you have been through PCCBC, passed the Sandhurst medical and know that you are definitely in? If you are lucky enough to not need a monthly salary to support yourself or have another job lined up such as Rinaldi, then fairplay. Otherwise it may be better to err on the side of caution. Good luck though and apologies that I couldn't help further.
  9. The red trousers have nothing to do with colour-blindness. They're to do with fashion deficiency!
  10. Thanks for the advice... 8O
  11. Apologies if this isn't quite on topic, but it's a good opportunity to ask this question ...

    Can anyone tell me what's the latest possible PCC you can attend before your Sandhurst entry? for example, if i was starting in September, would it be possible to attend an August PCC?

    Any light shed on this would be much appreciated.
  12. Hey JimmyWaff,

    I am currently waiting for main board paperwork to arrive so I can get the process started, passed my briefing in jan with a Cat 2. 6 month time delay. When I spoke to the ACA, she told me that to get onto a PCC in August and then attend Sandhurst in September is unlikely, not impossible but it's going to take a lot of luck and communication between myself and all the various administration units to smooth the way. I hope that helps!
  13. I think the last PCCBC before September is on the 13th July, there are two prior to that as well.
  14. Cheers for the replies guys,

    My situation is having completed the briefing in Nov with a Cat 1, my main board is March 23rd aiming for Sept intake ... I’ve also booked a one way ticket to Oz for start of May, hoping to fit in a bit of travelling before (hopefully) attending Sandhurst in Sept, just wanted to get an idea of when i would have to be booking the return flight to attend PCC ... with that said, my main aim is to actually complete main board successfully first, then worry about the rest of it later! ... no harm in doing some early ground work though.
  15. What i am fearful of is the fact that my board is at the end of March, and, like many others I am going in for the May intake. Worryingly, between those times we are supposed to attend a PCCBC… which at the moment doesn’t exist!