Possible Spring 2013 Shoot at JJH Range

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jumpinjarhead, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. Given the success of the recent first annual Semper Fi Farm Shoot, I am soliciting interest for the 2d Annual event sometime in the Spring when the weather is best.

    One ARRSER has already mentioned the month of April so I am floating a trial balloon to see what interest there may be for that time frame.

    We can accommodate up to 8 shooters here on the farm but there are relatively inexpensive motel accommodations nearby.

    We normally shoot in relays of up to 8 shooters on the pistol range and 4 shooters on the long gun range simultaneously. Cost would be contribution to ammo and my favorite dog rescue charity.

    First come, first served. :)
  2. I'm in.

    If I'm allowed back of course. Mrs JJHs' Peach Cobbler and Rusty!!!!!
  3. We of course assumed you would return! We will try to have more pink weapons next time.
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  4. Might want to be a touch more specific there Sir.
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  5. Bagsie my room for me.

    Mr and Mrs Mac_UK are slowly coming around to the idea, and we need the child and Chim there too.

    I'll drag Trans and maguire kicking and screaming if I need to.

    There's a difference between meeting arrsers and having a drink in a pub where everything is nice, or meeting them and shooting shit up.

    Melon for anyone?

    (Stop laughing).

    It seriously is a one time thing to go and shoot shit up with massive guns (unless you are me and say **** Off, that's huge).

    Anyone who ignores this offer is a dick.

    Oh, and they can sleep on the floor of my bedroom should they choose to take the offer.

    And no swearing in front of Mrs JJH.
  6. I see what you did there. Well played. :) Let me clarify--pink firearms that shoot metallic thingies.
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  7. I'll punch him into submission.
  8. JJH, is the offer open at any other time, I'm sure I could involve a few other arrsers with an interest in shooting and not just a hoilday, perhaps some time later in the year? I know that Jarrod and I would both be interested.
  9. You're a citizen now, go exercise that 2nd Amendment right of yours! ;)
  10. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Pencil me in. If works allows etc, I'll be there... Thanks for the offer !
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  11. Yes I could well be interested later in the year.
  12. We can work out further logistics with PMs as time approaches. Let me know if you have any blackout dates in your calendar.
  13. Let me know preferred timeframes--you too Joker.
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  14. Get a biometric gun safe. JJH's Law--one can't have too many guns.
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  15. Considering that Army Navy is in April.....
    And the minor detail that I'm not allowed in the country or even apply for a visa until at least April...

    JJH, any idea how long it would take to drive from mid FL up to yours?
    I really would like the idea of visiting a couple of people there if I'm going to be on the same continent!