Possible Selections for Discharge

I understand that one method the army is likely to select individuals for discharge to achieve the 7000 target will be to identify individuals whos Body mass index or BMI (Regular & Reserve - Being a ONE ARMY CONCEPT) is Overweight or Obese.

I'm sure that there won't be too many...
Cant see that working I know plenty of guys who are classed as overweight and even obese who are in the gym everyday and are some of the fittest guys in the Regt??
Also know some skinny guys who are totally useless!
Are we are talking redundancy and a nice payout with early pension? I hope the obese pers that cannot pass a fitness MATT are excluded from any potetial redundancy packages (if any) and are discharged under other terms.

I hasten to add those with genuine reasons for being in this condition are dealt with on an individual basis.

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