Possible revenge tactics needed??

NavyMT, dump the drunk and tell her so she knows the score and reasons why. That repeated annoying pain-in-the-arse behaviour is of no friend or otherwise. It sounds as if she behaves worse than the average weekend chav tanked up on cider, and even they are deserving their head slammed in a car door after just one night of verbal crap let alone what you've put up with. Lose her and lose no more sleep. You never know, switching her off might even be the turning point she needs to see how she affects other people.
I've done nothing to her and I'm scared.

Is that a Norn Iron accent? Does she know where you live wee mon?

Never mind the Navy , the FFL might be a better bet.
I wouldn't exactly say that i'm scared off her, i'm just very f*cked off at her. It does get a bit sickening listening to that everynight off the week. And yes, shes originally from Co.tyrone.
Thanks for that NMT. Well, why not really have some fun since you're going to join the RN. If I was in your position I'd phone her and wind her up. Tell her you love her and ask her to marry you for starters! Arrange to meet up somewhere and not turn up! When she phones and gives you shit for not turning up tell her you forgot, you're sorry and you'll make it up to her. Arrange another meeting and again don't turn up! She'll phone again and this time tell her you've met someone else (one of her friends!) and you didn't like her anyway because she's fcuking ugly!!

Do it! It can't get any worse than it is.....
Oh dear, another neurotic, psychotic bunny-boiler. She's clearly infatuated with you mate, and your failure to take the relationship further is whats causing her seemingly irrational behaviour.
Sadly, short of shacking up with the deranged doris, theres no easy solution to your predicament.
Dont bother with revenge, its attention, which is what she craves. You really need to distance yourself from her as much as possible, and hope that she transfers her misguided and twisted affection to some other poor bloke.

Good luck.
If you're sure you've not abused your friendship or that you've 'misunderstood' your relationship, she is a bona fide fruit-loop and once you join up you need to get a new phone number and ensure that no-one gives her your new contact details. If you have been a total cnut though, you deserve all the bunny boiling she can throw at you! :D
fight fire with fire.

Come back at her, tell her she hates you and treats you badly, tell her she is offensive and doesnt support you enough, do this publicly somewhere that she cant react, I suggest a church during communion.

Actually boil a bunny and leave it in her bed.

repeat this until she leaves you!
I think Sandmanfez hit the nail on the head there.

It's only a matter of time before she transfers her 'affections' elsewhere.

The problem then is that she's likely to tell her new love about all your misdeeds/abuse (real or imagined). There's a distinct possibility of him then doing the aggrieved boyfriend bit and giving you a kicking.
doomandgloom said:
Ask her to marry you.
Do it. Arrange a date within a month, nail her a few more times then a week before tell her it's off as you have met a single parent of 5 (not 5 years old, 5 kids. A single parent of 5 years old would indicate that you had met a Glaswegian, which would just be embarrassing) that has got a better body than her and is better looking.

She'll then off herself, problem solved.
If you have a pay as you go phone, give it away to someone who will promise then pass it around after each phone call or two, preferably anyone going overseas on tour even...lol :twisted:

Of course you will have to tell everyone in your phonebook your number is changing and buy a new phone.... but Mmmmm :wink: would be worth it!!

Waahahahahaha (evil laugh)
Come on... Update please... I'm gagging to know what happend!!

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