Possible revenge tactics needed??

Is there an outside chance of this being a wah?

If it's not (and I hope it is a wah, because if it's not navymedictobe's in a world of hurt) then I'd recommend having a chat with the local psychological services team and asking them to make contact with her.
Dear navymedictobe, FFS you really are in a predicament there and I sympathise with you.

If all you say is true, then you have a choice of possible courses of action. The first is to radically detach yourself from the whole affair as completely as you can. I can't tell you in detail how to do that, since I'm not privy to your personal arrangements, but you know what I mean.

Secondly, if this biddy and associates really did prevent you from obtaining employment by submitting a negative reference, then you can write to both them and your prospective employer demanding a copy of the reference under Section 7(a) of the Data Protection Act. Should they both refuse, you can obtain a Disclosure Order from your local court, which they have to obey. Once you have the copy, you can come down on them very hard indeed for any defamation or inacurracy in it.

It'll take time and a bit of willpower, but stay the course and you should see some satisfaction coming your way.

Best of luck and keep us posted.

NMT, presuming you haven't carried out any of her accusations then totally ignore her. Join the RN and forget about her. If she manages to track you down then get the Police involved. All her actions are criminal.

She sounds like the type of single mothers I've met in Lincolnshire before! Is she from Boston? Please tell me she's not my sister!
Drop her like a hot potato mate, detatch yourself from her and change your phone numbers.
navymedictobe said:
Thats for that mate, however i would prefer to not to get invloved with anything legal unless i absolutely have to, as this could delay my joining date for the navy. i've decided to try and record the voicemails and put them online so that you all can see what i'm talking about. unfortunately only two are still saved, however i'm sure more will be left tonight which i will record again 2moro. so give me a couple of minutes and i'll see what i can do.

Worst thing is the two that are saved are mild in comparision, lol
Just to clear up a point I neglected to emphasise in my post. What you'd be doing has nothing to do with engaging briefs and such, and so it isn't any sort of "legal" step in the sense that you mean. You can apply directly to the court yourself for the Disclosure Order, without any legal representation. In fact, I'd recommend that you do it all yourself, since commissioning a brief will see you looking at something like eight grands'-worth of expenses.

This will also have no effect at all on your prospects of joining the Andrew. It'll all happen automatically.

I've just had an ear'ole to those messages, navymedictobe.
Jaisus Christ an' his Mom on a fückin' rusty tandem, mate! If those are the milder ones, I can't imagine what the others are like.
Psycho is the right expression for her. Ditch, ditch, ditch.

I hope this works out for you, I really do. But she doesn't sound (to me, at least) as if she's gonna let this go any time soon.

I hear the Iraqis do a very nice (and cheap) line in snipers. Just a thought. :D

I can't hear it, I'm a PC mong though but when I do I'm sure she'll sound just like my old door and window slamming, wall thumping neighbour from JHQ. If her initials are S.T and she's married to a weak nerdy AGC SNCO then I shudder for you!

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