Possible Regimental Sporting Medals


Dear all,

Been a while since I have posted anything so its nice to be back.

I picked up a box of assorted medals at a local auction recently. Among the items were two pin badges from Butlins at Skegness dated 1958 and 1960, shoulder title for the Ox's and Bucks, a school attendance medal dated 1913/14 and three sporting medals.

The sporting medals look like they were probably from regimental or inter unit competitions. However I can not find any information on them through the usual searches.

Two medals are for football and are both runner up medals stating P.A.T.J.C RUNNERS UP 1957-58 and 1958-59 presented to HOE UTD.

The other is a darts medal presented to the runner up for the FIELD SHIELD 1938/39.

I have hopefully attached pictures.

Any thoughts and ideas are most welcome




  • field shield 1938 obverse.jpg
    field shield 1938 obverse.jpg
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  • field shield 1938 reverse.jpg
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  • patjc 1957-58 obverse.jpg
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  • patjc 1957-58 reverse.jpg
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  • patjc 1958-59 obverse.jpg
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