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Hey all, I'm new here but don't bother going easy on me, what's the point? I'm 20 and female, hoping to join the Army as Intelligence Operator some time in the near future. However, big problem - I've suffered Anorexia Nervosa/Exercise addiction for the past four years, and am only now almost recovered. Still not back to "normal" (healthier) weight yet, got about a stone to go. In the brain department I'm pretty much "normal" again (as I'll ever be) but am still a perfectionist, not an easy eater and still addicted to exercise. By easy eater I mean I won't eat just anything, I'm very healthy-food conscious, but no way as extreme as I used to be. I've suffered Depression/Obsessive compulsive disorder in the past because I was underweight (your head gets f**ked up, cant think properly when below healthy bodyweight) but that's gone now I'm closer to healthier weight. However, I've been on Antidepressants to help me recover (just weaned myself off them, felt real icky but mood is tons better now so don't need them anymore) and was admitted to hospital (psychiatric) 3 times coz of low body weight. With all this on my records, do I still stand ANY chance of getting in the army? I know post-Deepcut they've gotta be so careful who they recruit, I understand I could be considered not only a liability but a danger to others, but the depression/OCD factor was coz of my being underweight, not individual illnesses. When interviewed at the army careers office, i told them i was underweight coz i'd been ill for a few years but wasn't specific beyond that. I also told them that my family is inclined to be slightly underweight (runs in the genes, Dad had a hell of a time gaining muscle for the RAF when younger.) They told me i got to gain about a stone before being considered for an interview at RSC Pirbright, which i totally understand. I scored 71 on BARB test so no worries there. But drop me a line, guys - do i still stand a chance of recruitment, with all this on my med. records? I seriously want to get in the army, I'm training my guts out in the gym and eating shit loads to try and gain some muscle weight. Am i doing this all in vain? Sorry about the mega-long post but i needed to give all the details. Thanks in advance for any helpful comments made.

You might like to PM 'Eye_Spy' as he is very clued up about all this Int stuff.

Welcome to ARRSE by the way - and go easy people - as first posts go, this is actually quite reasonable and sane.

PS Click on the red words... :)

PPS Well held back, Aunty.

If you are a picky eater, the Army aint for you. Not that the food is actually that bad, but....
Gaia.have you thought of trying the TA first. It might be worth considering. Good luck in whatever you do.
I shouldn't worry about looking like Miss Auschwitz, six weeks of army stodge and wearing a WRAC frock will soon have you looking like the gable end of a terrace house.

Out of purely erotic interest......... if you are on all fours do the vertebrae on your back stick out? if so can I lick them?

Welcome to Arrse Miss Zavaroni....... I look forward to seeing you about the site....... don't stand side on though :D :D

have this on me



LOL cheers guys! No worries, I don't resemble Miss Auschwitz nemore, still kind of a skinny f**ker but never mind. As for army stodge, well wot the hell, the physcial training should hopefully combat that little lot. I eat to survive guys, thats about it. Food ain't my No.1 priority, it's fuel and thats the cutoff point. As for the vertebrae sticking out, I guess I don't spend as much time on all fours as I apparently should Dohunt coz I can't say I've ever noticed ;-) Cheers for the pie btw, have a Homer-sized 'nut on me. You'll be seeing me around here more than you'll care for.......
Seriously tho, I'm gonna do what it takes to get in the army, barring breaking limbs and getting fat. Or committing murder. Wouldn't look too good on my CV now, would it?
Anyone here from sussex? Might be nice to chat to a familiar "face."
Cya round guys
We have a close pal of the site who dwells in sussex..... Worthing to be precise..

You could begin your army training by snurgling up to her back door, by passing the Special forces and MI5 on guard there and bayonetting her in the neck.

As a reward you can eat the contents of her fridge and cat litter tray.

Reference the vertebrae......... get in front of the mirror and make noises liek a stegasaurus.

Good luck Bones rather than Int why not try the Royal Corps of Skeletor lookalikes...... I think thier head office is in Addis Abbabba :D


Now that seriously did make me LOL. You're all heart, Dohnut. I'm from some godforsaken town called...no won' tell u, not quite dumbass enuff yet. Speaking of dumbass's....it's stegOsaurus, hun.
And not "Bones" either - I'm known as Skint to most ppl. Referencing all aspects of life, fat or money, wotever.
"I am from the RC's of Skeletor......hear me ROAR"
First things first CG, bloody well done for getting this far!! i know people in the same situation as you so i know how hard it can be to bring yourself off antidepressants. Also i feel that it would prolly have been better to post this thread on the Intelligence Corps area. Personnally, i know of a hell of alot of blokes who have done rather more drugs than you could shake many rather large sticks at, and they are getting on quite well in the Corps, even though judging by the amount of LSD they took earlier in life they should still be tripping, talking to Large purple elephants called clive!!

The best thing you can do mate is get through RSC (i wish you all the luck in the world by the way) and then get to selection at Chicksands and ask the selection guys.

Hope this helps Celena!!

Best of luck Celena!! Have you thought about approaching any sports medicine/nutrionist professionals (and an nvq level 1 in fitness doesn't count!!) (Try a decent gym or rugby club) who'll be able to advise you on the best (and safest) way to put on lean bodyweight? And when you get to Chicksands, tell the ducks down by the sports and social club that I said quack, quack!!
If you can't do that, send me a PM and I'll point you in the direction of someone who will be able to help (the weight gain, not the ducks)


Thanx so much for your support guys - not getting mushy or anything but it's the most decent advice I've had here so far (tho i was kinda expecting the usual sexist/immature crap that came my way when i posted my query anyway.) Still, it's nice to know there are some reasonable ppl on this site too...
At the moment i feel physcially screwed as just finished lowest dose of anti-d's - urgh, the withdrawal symtoms are pure SH*TE. God only knows how ppl on really high doses manage to come off this stuff.....i was only on 40mg, and pity the poor b**tards taking 60mg+! I'm walking around with my head feeling like its four inches above my neck....weird experience, and not even pleasant, as nausea/dizziness accompanies it, so not even close to being on a high! D'oh.
Doc's such a dumbass, told me I'd be on them the rest of my life. For anorexia?! I don't think so! I'm not manic depressive/bipolar/schizophrenic, etc, for gods sake. Just a perfectionist who's into (ok, obsessed with) healthy eating/exerise. Could be worse, could be addicted to alcohol/drugs (well, still am, kind of, to the latter but that's beside the point, we're talking SSRI's here, not my bloody fault! ;-) ) Being addicted to exercise ain't so bad, as long as you're not limping along on a treadmill with a sprained ankle or puking whilst weight-lifting. Eurgh. Never went THAT far. I'm just really concerned with keeping my body in tip-top shape, not just slim. Thats what i get accused of, constantly - just trying to stay thin, mimicking so-called "celebrities." Gimme a break, if i wanted to "mimic" celebrities I'd walk around town three sheets to the wind with my arse hanging out my trews and my fingers down my throat, carrying a yapping excuse for a rat in a Prada bag. Puh-lease.
Regarding my nutritionist - she's lovely, yeah, and has been real helpful with suggestions for my weight-gain diet (on 2,800 cals at the mo - i'm only 5"5 and female but it's coz of amount of exercise i do, there's no way i'd cut it back unless crippled.) But she has NO IDEA how to help regarding SPORTS nutrition. Can't seem to get it thro to her that me and exercise go as a pair, that its not some crazy fad just to lose weight. That's not why i started (well not all of it.) At 16, I wanted to get fit so i could live indepedently and take care of myself, live a healthier life - now i have, and want to maintain it. I know I went overboard four years ago and anorexia started in on me....I know I've gotta get back to healthier weight for Army....but all she's telling me to do is pump myself full of bloody chocolate!! For gods sake, weight-gain diet DOES NOT EQUAL EATING SH*T!! Why does everyone keep telling me to chow down in Maccy D's?!! I'm trying to put on MUSCLE, not turn into the Michellin Woman!!!! What use will i be in the Army with nearly a stone of extra fat on my bod?!!
Ok i'm gonna stop whining about weight-gaining now, i know how bloody tedious it is.......ppl always have a go at me coz they're trying to LOSE weight. Sorry :-(
If i ever get past RSC Pirbright and onto Winchester, THEN onto 'Sands, I'll pass on the quacks Matelot, LOL ;-) Thanx for your encouragement guys. Cya round here
I think it is only fair to warn you...you could get past the medical, RSC, Winchester ATR, Templer Phase 2, JNCO Cadre and then FAIL DV(Developed Vetting)

DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THIS. There has been one lad recently fail and be told the day before Passout Parade, which in the opinion of everyone at the time was a tad unfair irrepective of the reasons.

You are asked quite comprehensive questions about self-harm, same sex liasons, druguse, use of/formerly worked as prostitute/escort, sexual abuse and a host of other questions. Some people lie -ill advised - though some get away with it. Some people have admitted to all of the above subjects and got in. If you lie and get caught you are OUT!

It is not necessarily the opinion of your Doctor which will count. There will be a risk assessment made of your susceptibility to undue or improper influence, based on your lifestyle, maturity, etc. DVA can say SECURITY comes first irrespective of the individuals ability/merits. They have the last word unless some VERY senior officers decide to risk their own neck...which lets face it...in this Corps aint gonna happen!

I congratulate you on coming off anti depressants. Ive suffered from depression, and have refused medication. You will quite possibly need to prove you can stay off them for a long while before the Army(not just the Corps) will accept you.

Its been said before, and Ill say it again. Once you are in, and passed ALL training you can have almost anything medically and will be difficult to get rid of you. While you are in training you can be got rid of on a pretext quite easily. If you have a medical problem before you join its unlikely to help you get in, and if you do get in the Army are under no obligation to help you with this prior medical problem. If it flares up -MD !

If you are mature and independent, not an attention seeker, can get by in work without fluttering your eyelashes at Instructors, transferees or indeed anyone else at work, then you will probably do yourself a favour when it comes to DV.

If you sulk, whinge, huff, CRY, answer back, cant do something the first time you are told, try and bypass the chain of command or any other bollocks JUST DONT BOTHER APPLYING. Ive seen it all at Templer and thats just from the blokes!

With your medical history, if you are seen to need constant reassurance and attention it will not look so good. Yes there are a lot of people who do flutter eyelashes, and more, and who need constant reassurance but they havent been on anti depressants and have a history of mental illness(which your eating disorder is btw).


The Instructors will also view you as someone who thinks they are 'special', or above everyone else. ARE YOU? I dont think so. But its a good way of pissing your instructors off and making your training harder on you than it otherwise would be.


I am giving you straight answers to a straight question so please dont shoot the messenger.

Feel free to PM me for further advice.
sweatysock said:
Gaia.have you thought of trying the TA first. It might be worth considering. Good luck in whatever you do.
Without wishing to be too gung-ho about it if you wouldn't get in the regs you won't get into 3 MI. And while we don't discriminate on age, not all 20 year olds would be mature enough. Certainly you'd be firmly at the lower end of the age range for your squad if you passed selection. I can't speak for other cap badges but the TA is not a softer option in the Int Corps in terms of entry standards.

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