Possible Para Pennant on ebay


War Hero
Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, but thought that it may be of interest. Seems kind of historically significant (if the seller is to be believed).


It's just been pointed out elsewhere that it could have easily been presented to someone in Arnhem in the post war years during King George's reign. Mmmhhhh. I'll shut the fück up..................

Edited for getting whipped up for no good reason.
For those who'd like to know:
£510 was paid for what is in fact a very faded and beer-stained Post-War music stand banner worth around £20!

The same guy also had a WWII "Para Drop-Bag for a radio" which was sussed out as a '60s muzzle cover to go over the flash-arrester. I reckon the Walt who paid £128.55 for it just wanted to sniff the cordite!

FFS :evil: