Possible oil in the Falklands

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dingerr, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. Clicky

    If oil is found i wonder if the Government will play safe and increase the military contingent on the islands.
  2. Oil was known to be there before the kick off in 82,it was'nt just cos we wanted to free the Bennies and batter the spics, the thing was the extraction costs were too high ( at that time anyway ) maybe now with the price of oil at an all time high the cost not be so prohibitive after all
  3. With what the boy scouts? :p

    If it was me, I would. A few more Inf types, and get some Arty down there. Engrs for the beaches. More Helis.

    Could probably use the FIDF as a model for what is needed, as they re pretty tunned in.

    Preplaced stores on Assy?

    Navy, maybe a Destroyer knocking about for protection.

    Would it be ironic to place Exocet launchers on trailers to protect the possible landing sites?

    The Argies still prattle on about owning the place. Who knows, don't they still have a pretty fragile economy, it went in to melt down a few years ago IIRC.
  4. the oil in the Falklands is currently classes as a resource, not a reserve, but the only thing that keeps a resource from being a reserve is exploration and production costs. With the increased global oil price, the oil companies will start putting more money into exploration and new production, so if the price keeps rising then it could become economically viable to extract.

    If that happens, the oil companies will expect government protection of their interests, and the government will also want to protect their economic interests in the area
  5. The Argies have a pact with that other latin nutter Chavez at the moment and everytime they meet, he pledges support to the Argies. That wouldnt be so bad but Venezuela have increased their military spending a hundred fold in the last 3 years and dont like us much because of our close links with the shaved chimp.
    That worries me a bit.
  6. that may be the only way the government would spend more on Defence, they would sudenly find the money to put some frig/destroy at sea. Always happens that way.

  7. Didnt we have some profit share deal with the Argies which they then pulled out of?

    sucks to be them :p

    If we start to sell the oil me thinks there will be a big increase in the number of planes we park down there. Dont we alreay have a Destroyer parked there year round?
  8. A high oil price has been necessary to force the oil companies to increase their very expensive exploration.
    I doubt that any South American state could make any serious interference in a Military sense, the thought of a Nuc hunter killer parked offshore would keep them in line.
    Also while Argentina might be having a love in with Chavez, the countries down south have enough rivalries to keep their governments busy. Uruguay would probably love an Oil Support Industry.
  9. There is a broader problem. Old Chavez is getting all his cash by selling oil to the US. If an alternative started coming from the Falklands and he started to lose cash, he might well try and stoke up a fire.

    He does seem to want 2 throw some of that new hardware around.

    Still as long as some of our subs get to sail home with the Jolly Rodger showing I am more than happy for him to try :p
  10. Re the high price of oil. Has it not occured to anyone to question, is it really that high? Bearing in mind oil is purchased in Dollars, as of late the Dollar has been falling through the floor, only those with their currency tied to the Dollar are going to feel the effects, in the Euro zone, oil is about 65 euros a barrel, it has not risen by so much due to the fact that the dollar is so low, on the whole, fuel prices have risen skywards, not sure what the dollar / pound ratio is, how much has the pound gained over the dollar?, I know the Euro is strong at the moment, we keep getting fed a diet of tripe from our govt about the high cost, no one seems to mention the rate of exchange.
    If and when the Dollar picks up, then we can watch a real hike in prices.
    as for the Falklands, not sure if the oil companies want to invest in that venture, not until they have to, why look for another cash cow, when the one you have at the moment is ever so willing, with the help of various governments, coining it in, so to speak
  11. We should just nuke the Argies now.

    Prevention is better than cure.
  12. Standby for some US taskforce to be despatched for Operation Southern Liberty- the liberation of someone else's oil
  13. Royal Navy get to sink something with their super dupey astute class sub latin types go home again . Travelling 400miles across south atlantic
    waiting for a torpedo or a missle wouldn't be much fun.
    Submariners maybe very odd types ,but,are very good at what they do
    and Chavez nice new subs would be intresting targets for them.
    Could probably make the explotation of the oil difficult but no way they could take it back.
  14. Biggest problem at the moment for actually extracting all that oil is the shortage of mobile oil platforms.
    Most of the current ones were built in the late 80's / early 90's just before the price of oil dropped below the 'cost of production' (you'd think that would mean oil companies making a loss, wouldn't you? Fat chance!!). They stopped making any new platforms and the ability to build them was "drawn down".
    Some years later, the few places left that can still build them are working like the clappers; but can't build enough to meet demand, especially given the length of time it takes to make them.

    Doesn't that all sound familiar? :roll:
  15. Conversely, many operators are holding off renting rigs at current high prices because they feel that with quite a few new rigs coming "on-line" in 2009 will reduce rig rates.