Possible Northampton Walt?

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by AlphaRomeo184, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    OK so he has heartburn and snores. But walting about being from Nothampton? Why would anyone do that?
  2. He'll snore because he's fat.
  3. You're right. He'd obviously got that Mk4 noddy suit off eBay and had his mugshot taken in his mate's Scammell on Hunstanton beach. Fucking walt needs to try harder.
  4. Was he trying to shag your mother in law then. Is she fit?

    Walt detector on max sensitivity and not a flicker so far...
  5. Whys he a Walt?
  6. Has a chest full of medals when asked what they were told her he couldn't tell her what they were due to the official secrets act.
  7. At last a 'Walt' story.

    “For years I could not stand the smell of meat as it brought back the smell of burning bodies,” he said.

    My mate was tasked with clearing up the Basrah road and has since developed issues. Why do we suspect he is a walt? Seems legit to me.
  8. So your Mother in Law meets a bloke, tells you his dits, you dive straight onto the internet to 'out' him without having the bollocks to challenge him yourself?

    Bit of a fanny arent you?
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  9. Because the OP is one of many who fire up the walt cry, I suspect its for some sort of validation or to be recognised for outing someone, not heard a story on here yet that went 'Met this bloke, who said he was this or that and had been here or there, so i fronted him up and challenged him about it'....
  10. Well one I've never met the bloke, Mother in Law just happened to bring it up that something wasnt quite right with his stories. e.g how he couldn't tell her what his medals were for. etc.

    And two I do have a fanny if that counts...?
  11. I reckon the Waltenkommando would love to meet your M-i-L. I bet she ran home and phoned you immediately and in whispered tongue gave you the 10 figure grid of the last positive sighting of "Mr.Walt"

    Then again, you could just be a cunt and made it all up.

    I call Walt Waltfinder...
  12. After leaving the army in 1994 Colin, who is married to Jane, aged 48, and dad to Jonathan, 12, and seven-year-old Cara, set up and ran a successful financial advice firm. But his ill health forced him to give up work.

    So is he after tapping her or not?

    Its documented that he was in, he most probably is trying to embelish his service record. a pod op having a fag whilst driving to Basra is barely a good war story is it?

    Looking at the state of him now, mentally and physically, let him have his 5 mins of fame down the pub
  13. And guys if you read the first quote correctly I am not implying that he hasn't been to the Gulf, just that he was rather cagey about what his medals were for even though he cuts about the local town with a chest full.

  14. Fuck me this walt business needs fucking drowning like a downie baby.

    It's acceptable to tell impossibly unbelievable tales to slags as long as there is half a chance she will be eating your arse out in a hotel room by sundown whilst she wanks you off.

    Fair enough, 'fanny' being the wrong word, Ill go for cunt then, ............... your a cunt :)
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