possible NFCI need help..(Non Freezing Cold Injury)

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by bobjacko, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. Hi there,Not sure if im on the correct forum but ive been advised to set up an account and ask for a little bit of help..Currently ive been taking out of my training down at gib barracks on my b3 course due to me having a non freezing cold injury, ive apparently developed it on the very tip of my left toe, its not numb as such nor is there any pain, just feels different if you touched it with your finger!!I'm not saying I dont have a nfci, ive been placed on the sick and taken out of my training for medical reasons an thats ok, However im wondering, is this the en of the line for me in the military?Ive been booked to see a specialist in gossport, portsmouth, but thats not until april, i understand thats where they do all tests with thermal imaging, until then , im on the sick an doing light office duties, excellent fun!! :p Is it possible to come back from a nfci an be put back into training or is it simply good riddons? also if i am going to get m.d'd will they pay me out? any help would be much appreciated as im cluless as to whats going on..cheers..
  2. And breath...

    Because this isn't the NAAFI I'll give you a sensible answer - I think

    Many, many years ago I suffered a similar injury whilst on my junior Brecon; it was the defence exercise that did for me and resulted in a "tingling" over the whole of the soles of both feet, quite painful at times but no outward signs of injury.

    Luckily because I wasn't known as a jack b*stard the medics believed what I was saying and after the course I was sent to CMH to see a specialist. He said that I had lost some of the tiny blood vessels in my feet due to cold injury and they would be gone for good, the pain was the healing process.

    Given time you should lose the tingling but your wee toe will hurt like hell for a while when it gets cold. IMHO you will not have long term problems and should be able to soldier on.

    Like I did for the next 34 years
  3. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    No point worrying about it. The specialist will tell you.

    I got a partly frozen ear at - 38 C in Norway over 30 years ago. It still hurts when it gets cold, but I stayed in the Army.
  4. Thanks for the replies, but no offence to either one of you, the army has moved on a hell of a lot since the 80/90's..!! You can't fart anymore with out health and safety looking into it.. What I've heard is that if you've developed one of these so called 'injuries' your pretty much useless to the army as you can't deploy to cold countries..

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  5. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    I went back for 3 more years and then to Berlin, though it only went down to -25 C there. Still no point you worrying.
  6. I had a nfci during training. On survival ex my feet were piss wet through for days and when I eventually got feeling back the pain was excruciating I was laid up for 2 weeks in sick bay . Feet elevated pain killers , feet in cold water to ease pain , altered my gait as I was walking on sides of my feet for a month . That was 25 years ago my feet surgeon Lt at time said I would be prone to cold as my nerves in feet have been damaged . I have every now and then numbness in tip of right big toe . I don't worry as its temporary .
    It will sort it's self out and you will eventually ignore it . Are your nails cut to short as this can cause numbness as your toe end squashes against short nail may cause some kind of trauma around the tip .

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  7. PAP 10 is potentially, a realistic possibility. However, I am not a medically qualified person so cannot diagnose you, that is for the specialists. What I can tell you is that I am currently dealing with the discharge, and resultant comp claim, of two soldiers due to NFCIs sustained on winter tours in HERRICK.
  8. That's bollocks , I had a nfci and done Norway , 2 winters in Balkans , and had a few chilly nights in and around middle east . Not to mention , Warcop , catterick , Brecon . Dartmoor .
    Ignore it it will go away . You suffer from anxiety by any stretch as the mind has a wonderful way of throwing little symptoms at you thus leading your worrying mind into the realm of self diagnosis courtesy of interweb . Trust me don't go there !!!!! It's a bad place everyone ends up dying . Stay away !!!! Stay away !!!!!

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  9. Well we won't be at war with Alaska or Norway any day soon, so I reckon you'll be ok for the time being.
  10. I'm a TA Combat Medic so more than qualified to answer your question, especially when not face to face - unlike these silly laypersons on here that don't know an epiglottis from an epididymis.

    You're going to die, it's going to hurt - start writing out that will.

    Anymore questions feel free to ask.
  11. Read the JSP on Climatic injuries, it is available on DII when you are doing your office jobs. This will tell you the process you have been referred into and the issues they will take into consideration.