Possible NFCI during Phs1 First Nights?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by seanYorkshire, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. Evening gents, currently undergoing phase 1 training at Pirbright. After finishing exercise First Nights I have developed tingling/ pins and needles in my big toes and in my right thigh.
    It's nothing excruciating but quite worrying. Had some trouble adapting to the army boots so wondered of that played apart.
    On exercise it was below freezing and felt it in my feet especially after coming off stag and my feet were warm/sweaty in the sleeping bag.
    Absolutely bricking em as I've been told that any NFCI is a straight discharge. But it could be something simple. Need some recommendations if I should go to Med centre or stick it out and hope it fixes itself over time. Thanks.
  2. Man-up wet pants.

    I hope this helps.
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  3. There's nothing wrong with you. Just crack on and you'll be fine. If you had a real cold injury, you'd have worse than some tingling.
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  4. NON-FREEZING-COLD-INJURY(NFCI) if it was freezing then try a freezing cold injury, have you looked at the ambulance chasers in the back of Soldier magazine ?

    put more socks on, wrap up, a bit more or are you after a claim ?
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  5. It may be as simple as having your boots done up too tight. Chill out unless your foot falls off.
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  6. Any sort of staff there you can ask for advice?
  7. I got that tingling and pins and needles once or twice towards the end of long runs...... Realised I was tying one of my running shoes too tightly. Loosened the laces a bit in future and it was fine. O_M might have a point there

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  8. Accept that basic training can be painful at times and dry your eyes.
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  9. If you are in phase 1 then you should be talking to your training staff not dripping on here.

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