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I posted on here a while back, in regards to my application. Well it went through okay, but whilst I was trying to get my application rushed through - my medical only just went through about 7 days ago. At least it came back all clear though, better late then never.

Now, I've got my "interview" on the 4th of September - and I've got a couple of questions.

1) By formal wear (apparently I'm supposed to 'dress' that way), how formal exactly? I don't own a suit, or a damn tie for that matter (house fire 2 months ago, not yet replaced it all).

Now, back to the task at hand.

1st Choice: Light Div.
2nd Choice: Para.

I intend to switch these two around though, and I'll be damned if I'm going to take no for an answer. However, reading around - I keep seeing recomendations on to not go into the infantry, and to do something else, such as Combat Engineer.

I'm only 5'9, and don't exactly look imposing - but I can carry more then my fair share and run a mile in 8:59 (1 Second Mark ¬_¬). I like being physical and keep active whenever the opportunity arises.

The AFCO doesn't want me in the infantry, they're claiming I wasted my brain (after reading this Forum, I was tempted to purposely screw up the BARB test - but didn't). But it's my first choice for now, but - does anyone have any suggestions?

And yeah, I can handle the piss being taken out of me, the supposed "bullying" (CHARACTER BUILDING!), e.t.c - no worries there.
Don't worry about the height thing, if you're fit and can carry weight no problem. Lots of infanteers are shorter than 5'9". (Great fun doing tunnel warfare with the Grenadier Guards a few years back 6'6" is a definate handicap!)

As for arm, well that's a personal choice and its yours I'm afraid. If anyone says you don't need a brain in the infantry they're talking cr@p. If you're a good infantryman, having a good brain on your shoulders is not exactly going to hold you back so don't worry.

If your gut feel is that you want to be infantry, go for it.

PARA versus RIFLES is a tricky one. Do you have mates in either regiment? Want to jump / lots of op tours / spend your life in Colchester - go PARA
Want variety including armoured infantry, light role and also (quite probably) commando - RIFLES.

Tough choice, but once again its yours.

Good luck!
Thanks for the response Fred.

Yeah, my gut feel is definitely infantry. I've got aspirations of being a Sniper (Yes, I know the requirements aren't exactly a cake walk), and aspirations beyond that. I'm going in for career, and I think I'll have the most 'fun' in infantry.

I'll probably go for Rifles first, and Para second.

One thing though, for the interview - I apparently need to know the job briefs in and out? How detailed?
Totally agree with Fred_Cat. I’m 5’8 and there were many shorter than I in the regiment. Although it was a long time ago (72) when I joined the officer tried to get me to choose a trade REME/RE rather than Inf or Para’s but I wouldn’t be told, well I was 15 at the time and right choice for me. Served 2 years with the IJLB Oswestry then went to 2LI.
As for Rifles v Para, as you will guess I’m a little bias but they both have fine histories. I will tell you a story that is not meant to sway you but makes me laugh each time I think of it. I was doing NI training in NI (don’t ask) and as part of the training we had to fast rope from a chopper, about 30 feet wearing full battle order. The instructor was timing the exit and the 2 in front of me were Para and were hesitant. When I exited (last man) they were still on the rope and I had to check my decent. By the time they were clear the chopper had started to ascend and the rope end was now 6/7 feet off the ground, I’ve never come down a rope so quick.
When I asked them what the problem was, they being Para and all, they both agreed that jumping out of a plan was a piece of p*ss as there was no thought involved, you just followed the man in front. Which ever you choose good luck for the future.

Improvise Adapt Overcome
Dave 9727 - love the avatar

personally, with 5 reg batallions the Rifles will give you much more scope to a well rounded career. You can still go for Para after that. Remember one thing - it doesn't matter how you get to a fight - jumping from planes or in the back of a Warrior - they both do the same job in the end (and both very well)

I am 5'8" and was definately not the shortest in my batallion - I carried more weight than bigger bods (signaller - just pick up 1 battery and you will get the idea!) - its all in your head
I can see why people advise that you go corps. You may get in and hate it. But if your heart is set on the inf i'd look at the rifles. Nothing against the other lot but do you really want to spend 6 - 11 years of your life deployed on operations if you go career. The rifles will give you more scope to do different things too.
Thanks for the help guys, I'm going to go for the RIFLES first and foremost.

Of course, this may all be for nothing. My interview is on Monday, and I'm supposed to wear formal wear. Due to the house fire two months ago, I have a lack of formal wear - and have yet to replace it. The problem is, that I'm also broke for a little while - so I'm unable to replace it.

What am I going to do? Do you reckon I can just explain it? I've got a lot of casual wear, but that's about it.

PS: 8:54 now! YAY! However, I tripped over a log and pulled a muscle. ¬_¬
If it's genuine, go in, tell 'em what happened: make a story out of it, and they'll laff and give you marks for balls... (edit: be ready for questions: if someone says something like 'why should we take you if you can't even dress for the interview?', just say, 'because I'm so keen that I've come here dressed in all I've got left after a bloody great fire killed my hamster and roasted my gran...')

Rifles are a very fine bunch: you'll love it.
It is genuine, but a lack of proof is going to seem a little bit out of place.

Hmm, guess I'll think of something.
Don't worry: just tell the truth: they won't actually be worrying about your clothes. They want to see and hear the bloke sat in front of them...
That's what I was intending to do, but it was nice to get confirmation on that course of action from someone other then myself. :)
Wear a shirt, tie, trousers and shoes at least. What you do in the Army is up to you, both of your choices are very good HOWEVER (and I'm sure even the most hardcore infantry guys will agree with me) the army is only 22 years. You need qualifications at the end of your army career and in the infantry you won't get too many. Unless you can find time between tours, exercise etc to go to a civvy college and get civvy quals you could be stuck. Good luck regardless though.
Kira said:
1st Choice: Light Div.
2nd Choice: Para.

They def should be the other way around, if you are not good/fit for light div you certainly wont be for good/fit enough for para reg but the same wouldnt apply the other way around.
you can get NVQ's for infantry skills - an example is signaller - Regimental Signals Detachment Commander (a lance or full corporal) is recognised by BT as a entry qualification. Of course if you go higher (22 years can see you as a Warrant Officer or even an officer) the assosiated qualifications will jump. Also the army will encourage you to take academic courses both army run and external.

I'm sure some of our members who were in Recce or Anti Tanks, etc, can put you straight about NVQ's and their specialisation.
Well, I've got something sorted. It's about as formal as I can possibly get, or least I think it is. Eh, it'll be fine.

Got another letter through this morning.

On the 23rd, I've got something called an "Army Fitness Day". Anyone care to elaborate? It's only a few hours long.
As you're going for the Rifles I'll throw in my Two pence worth!

Re: clothing for interview, speaking as a former Army Recruiter I can only repeat that you only get one chance to make a good first impression so make the effort here! I suggest going to your local ASDA, sort yourself out with a decent dark suit shirt and tie (you have shoes I assume, I mean you're not going in there barefoot I hope?) and so the interview. As soon as it's over go straight home take it off and brush it down and in a day or so take it back ot ASDA and get your money back, simple thoug hyou'll have ot keep the shirt I'm afraid. My ex-missus used to do it all the time, usually when she wanted something to wear for a do. Good luck! :wink:
I think some how the fact that the army are getting another recruit is more important than what you wear. Dont worry about it mate, you are too precious to loose just because of a suit.
Feck it: rock up in a g-string, having made a series of nasty looking cuts in your arms and chest with a knife, and sit staring in a sort of intense way at the interviewer, as the blood drips to the floor. Whenever you're asked anything, ignore the question and ask in return when you get to kill someone... Make it clear that you hate everyone except your mother - no probs... :wink:

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