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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by lar12345, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm starting my phase 1 at ATR Pirbright soon and i am aware there is a dental examination at the very start. Recently a filling fell out of my tooth leaving lovely little hole - will this cause any problems in terms of being allowed to contiue the training? (other than that my teeth are fine)

    I know it sounds like i'm a worrying little bitch but I've experienced the medical team at Pirbright and they were rather pedantic!

  2. no, if any work needs doing they'll book you in for a later date

    unless its very urgent

    the lovely dentists gave me 3 fillings :?
  3. Dont worry about it, I remember when I did basic the dentist removed loads of my old fillings and put new ones in. He must have been getting paid by the filling or something as he just used to say "I will replace that and put a better one in".
  4. ok thanks guys. When i went to ADSC i had a spot of wetsuit rash on my arse - the doc thought it was eczema and my application was put back 3 months! Bastards.
  5. Bet you thought that was a load of arse.
  6. Then if you are worried about it, why don't you get off your arrse and see a dentist before you go? :roll: seems like the most sensible option as you have already been binned before!!