Possible Kosovo Posting

Im a TA soldier thiking of taking up a tour/posting in Kosovo with a unit who have recently gone over/will do soon.

Is there anyone there just now or been before to give me some help, ie whats it like there, is there anything to do off duty , whats the accom and food like etc.



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Well, if recent news reports are anything to go by - things could get interesting any time soon. Make sure your training and skills are bang up-to-date (scuse pun). Ensure you are 110% switched on!
Power cuts in Pristina. Kebabs. Lots of staff officers. Quiet. Riot police trained up for trouble. French patrolling Mitrovica. Extra security around places frequented by foreign NGO staffers. Bersaglieri band. Nothing major expected. Bit of a soft posting, IMHO.
In optour terms its very steady. Slim Lines is Corrimec city and you share it with the Portugese. It has been pretty quiet for a while, which is one reason they have taken away the op bonus. However, as seen in 2004 it can go pear-shaped pretty quickly. Kosovan women are much better looking than Iraqi or Afghan, although you proably won't get the chance to go out much.
Go for it i there's nothing else on the cards and it floats your boat.

Last I heard (from a Turners contractor that was there for 4 years and ran slim lines after we pulled out in 2003) the rules had been relaxed to allow blokes to go downtown to get a meal, think there was/is a 2359 curfew.

Slim lines was having a number of saunas built by the Finns when I left but if the Portugese have now taken over they may be gone.

However as other posters have himted towards that area could possibly 'kick off' again soon so make sure your not going with the sole intention of having a nice little holiday
When I was there, I thought it was a good tour, if for no other reason that to stock up on CDs and DVDs! Any tour is worth going on if you can do, it's all experience at the end of the day, and 6 months worth of savings to boot. Things will be totally different now compared to when I went (2001), but I'm sure two things will make it worth it even now- bridge- jumping at Batlava lake, and Slivovic, commonly known as sleepinaditch. Lovely stuff...
sadly not going anymore, but on the bright side i am looking after a mates flat while hes in iraq for 6 months,rent free, only pay bills :D :D



Because if you don't someone else will be pinged who may not want to.

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