Possible Irish Army Walt ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DesktopCommando, Aug 11, 2008.

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  1. Free free to move this to the walt section above, just after highlighting this.

    As a member of ARRSE Alliance on the Travian Game site, we have come across this chap who tryed to join us, but told us that he a member of the Irish Army and is not IRA but supports them fully. Well after telling him to do one, now we are procedding to destroy all his villages, after all its only a game.

    http://forum.travian.co.uk/member.php?u=10215 note his email address :twisted:

    But here is some nice details that he enjoys telling everyone in the travian forums.
    Everything above in on an open forum 8O

    Especially naming his barracks, his job in the armoury, which weapons are in there (read his post further for details), didnt take me too long to find which unit & what the telephone number is for it, if he isnt a walt just loose tongued :)

    Since he enjoy's talking, feel free to chat with him :)
  2. His name is Ali Robb and this is his grid


    He's probably full of shit though.
  3. Doesn't look like a Jew... Ask him if he has to fight during Shauvot...
  4. Have you seen his poetry?...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahazh!!!!!!!

    I wiped my arrse with better stuff in the fcuking 6th form!
  5. Aged 25

    that was a fecking hard paper round he had by the looks of that pic
  6. He's skating on thin ice with his IRA sympathies, if he's genuine;

    By "secret society" I'm fairly sure they mean certain Republican "community groups" with pretensions to be the government and army of Ireland and not the Brownies or the Salvation Army.
  7. ah a man of letters and words... :wink:
  8. I'm on it, signed up and PM sent :)

  9. He must have an alias, then.

    His name and unit are here:


    It seems he's not good at telling the difference between a battalion and a brigade!
  10. Not necessarily, however, in the right order...
  11. Not very bright, and a war hero to boot, 7 days in a war zone, I wonder how many contacts he had?
  12. My emails have all bounced, I think it's a duff address. Bugger.
  13. Grainger were you going to try your interrogation skills again? Word of advice, charm and flirtation may not work on a bloke! :D
  14. I took a look at the Irish Defense Forces website. There is a 4th Western Brigade (not Battalion) which contains several battalions, including a 28th Infantry Battalion

    I would guess that most soldiers would know the difference between a brigade and a battalion. Also, most soldiers are likely to know the name/number of the unit they are a member of.

    But why would someone walt as part of a force has sent a total of 7 troops to Afghanistan?