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Possible Help Required For Frank,The Para.

See thread-
Ex Para attacked.

Frank is coming on but may require things & modifications to his home before he will be allowed home.
If you are a tradesman/specialist who may be able to offer any assistance in order to get Frank the things he needs,please leave you're skillset here & someone will be in touch.

Many thanks.
Shite at everything with my hands (well, almost everything), but have a special talent when it comes to making money and happy to dip hand on pocket.

PM me on your plans.

I can turn my hands to most things (Did a loft conversion solo), have a garage full of tools. Time is my only restraint.

Will help if I can.

I have no trade to speak of ... but if there's a need for able bodies to help anyone making massive DIY improvements for Frank, then PM me ... I'll be more than happy to donate my time and really bad jokes, if it can aid and benefit Frank and his family in any way!

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