Possible help for Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ex_donkey_man, Aug 27, 2012.

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  1. Thought I'd shove this on here as I know there's a few members like myself with the scourge of tinnitus and it might be of use to someone and hopefully it could help someone else. I read a few months ago that tinnitus can also be made worse by blood circulation. I know this means my smoking doesn't help, but hey ho. I also read that Ginkgo Billba is good for circulation. About 6 months ago I did have a shot at taking some, but gave up after about 2 weeks, thinking it didn't work. But about 3 months ago my tinnitus was getting loud as hell in one ear, (mine's a high pitched tone) and thought about giving it another shot.

    I originally got a tub of Tesco's Ginko Biloba tablets which was about £4 for 60 tablets. I did notice at the point where my tinnitus was at its loudest, after 2-3 weeks the level did drop:) From there I have started to use Morrison's ones (as Tesco had run out) and they seemed to work as well. I know this might not work for everybody, but for the sake of £4 it could be worth a shot and might be a help to someone!

    Also I have found out in the last couple of months that if I stuff my face with chocolate (Blokes can have choco fetishes! Plus it's only that and fags that are my vices)! My tinnitus gets louder. ******* strange I know, but say I ate a couple of Yorkie bars or similar in one evening, then I would notice a difference, then it takes about a day to go down again.

    Anyone else got anything that helps or aggravates it?
  2. Sounds to me that the higher your blood pressure the louder your tinnitus, as you said smoking will only aggravate it. Is it a result of service? If so get hold of veterans UK.
  3. I will try the pills you recommend as you can get them here fairly easily albeit they are a bit more expensive. In fact I will try anything to get red of the high pitched hissing I suffer from continually. And here's the rub - my hearing gets duller and duller over a couple of years and then I have to go and get me ears cleaned out by the doc. But the tinnitus remains the same whatever the state of my hearing.

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  4. I'm under the impression that as hearing protection is provided the MOD can get out of it as PPE is supplied. Which of course is no use when you take them off to explain you've repaired a weapon mount to the range staff after everyone was supposed to have finished firing and the .50 6 feet away lets off another burst.

    I love laying awake at night with a lovely ringing. :)
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  5. I use distraction sounds or "white noise" to help me sleep at night. You could also use other sounds or music played through your ipod or other player.
  6. When I talked to my doctor about this 15 years ago he gave me excellent and very useful advice, turn the radio up. After that excellent bit of help I just live with it and sit in the corner at parties unable to take part in any conversation.

    I do find that my BP (now on tablets) will increase the level of noise although my new doctor keeps telling me it is unrelated. One of the good side effects is ignore some people as I have a valid excuse. Sorry dear what was that?
  7. Those who were issued the ear plugs in the old day may have a good case but they changes the level at which you could claim to 75% loss. This may not be correct but it was what they told me as I left.

    My damage was done doing safety on mortars in Canada. You had a choice of lessening to the safety net or putting on Amplivox.
  8. My blood pressure isn't too bad, it is the upper end of normal, but always has been, maybe I'll look in to that further though, I do have little blood pressure monitor at home, got it from Boots for about £15. I have got some high pitched hearing loss as well, but the MOD told me to bugger off as overall I've only lost about 17 - 18% and that's not enough to be deaf, comes from CVR(T). I've tried the white noise Apps, there's one on Android called "relax and sleep" plays various sounds, whales, sheep, seashore etc, but the wife doesn't find to easy to sleep with it on and to be honest I found myself be distracted by it when trying to get to sleep!

    Shame eodmatt about ears being cleaned out, I know I need to get mine done, but the nurse where I work said that cleaning them should lower the tinnitus as the everyday sounds become louder and mask the tinnitus.
  9. Totally agree, running ranges safely with amplivox on was never really possible was it!
  10. It's a bloody mare! Mine is a high pitched hissing like the one mentioned previously! right ear is the worst, its not so bad in the day with all the ambient noise but at night and in the early morning! Headphones help, I will definitely try the GB, thanks for the tip!
  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    You must have had the same doc as me - he said that nothing could be done and just to live with it!

    Mentioned it to my GP t'other day (new guy, other bugger retired TF) and he is sending me to the ENT to check that there is nothing fixable that is causing the buzz.

    My main problem comes when in a crowded room/bar/restaurant, I can't hear as the background noise becomes a babble which makes hearing difficult.
  12. Thankfully I don't find mine too bad as it's not as bad as the wife's constant whining. ;-)

    I blame mine on Chally 1 trials and crap trials hearing protection. To make matters worse I can't afford to bring it to the attention of the medical people as I'd probably lose my job. :-/
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  13. There's a product being advertised in Australia that "may help with tinnitus" although it's primarily touted as a memory aid. I'll have a look and see if I can grab the ad.
  14. As a sufferererer of Meniers Disease, my tinnitus gets louder and louder when I am about to get an attack and it is an early warning to get some cinnarazine down the throat or else vertigo comes on quickly. As for the tinnitus, I find some background noise, music/tv, covers the humming.
  15. You have my sympathy, my mother has had this for decades and I know just how disorientating it can be.