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I came across this and thought it might be of help.

AT this time of year our thoughts turn to the many servicemen and women from Swansea who fought for their country in recent times and during the world wars. Many of us will be wearing poppies in remembrance.
Remembrance day reminds us at the Legal Services Commission to ensure that people in Wales, who have risked their lives in the armed forces, can find expert advice about their rights when they return home.
We have produced an information leaflet called Veterans Rights for Former Servicemen and Women and their Families. It explains about financial help available to veterans, such as service or war disablement pensions and the Armed Forces compensation scheme. It also provides practical tips on finding accommodation or work on leaving the forces, how to claim your medals and how to get your service record. Finally, it lists the contact details of organisations that provide help and support to former forces personnel.
You can order the leaflet from our community legal advice helpline — 0845 345 4345, or download it from www.communitylegaladvice.org.uk
The helpline also provides free expert legal advice to people on low incomes about debt, employment, education, housing, welfare benefits and tax credits.
So, if you, or someone you know, is a war veteran on a low income and need advice, call community legal advice today.
Paul Davies
Wales director
Legal Services Commission

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