Possible fuel rationing in the future

Heard this on R2 on the way home from work tonight, Daily Mail link.

Not really had chance to look at it in depth but from what was said on the radio by somebody from this all-party committee, it sounded like a pretty good idea (in theory) as a way to stabilize fuel prices. You get a ration of fuel units to use on both household and/or vehicle fuel, if you don't use all your ration you can sell your units to someone who needs more than the allotment.

Another fantastically retarded idea that fails to get to the root of the problem in the first place.
Thoughts? ****ing lunacy.

There is no shortage of oil ir fuel.
The only problem with fuel is massive taxation, nothing else.

If fuel rationing were introduced the 1st thing I would do with my ration is burn down my local MP's house.
What a bollocks totally unenforceable idea that would be a nightmare to administer.

What the government should do is cut fuel duty, even just by a few pence per litre, to encourage economic growth and make life easier for the general public. Every penny cut from the cost of fuel is another penny off the cost of any industry which uses roads at some point, and another penny the public can invest in the economy.

If there's millions of pounds available for all the other shit nonsense which gets funded then there'd be the money to make that happen.
FFS you would think we had lost a war or something.

Just think of the scams and bureaucracy that this will produce. It seems that as Former sov block countries try to free themselves of this sort of thinking we are trying to impose it.
I read it as the emphasis being on the GREEN issues rather than possible fuel shortage.
another F**ktarding idea from the stinking coalition gubb'munt.... who thought up this idea...? A Limp-Dick Pillock-titician.... or one of CAll-Me-Me-Dave's Sixth Form retards. Even the Commie Liarbore Party under McBalloon, with all it's stinking crummy ideas, didn't even think of this. Why the F**K do we in the UK have to put up with the possibly the highest petrol/diesel pump prices in all of EU-rineland???

Oh yes... I forgot.. an easy tax to collect. so CAll-Me-Dave and the Limp-Dicks won't do a thing to reduce the Fuel Duty Tax..... barstewards all of them...


FFS you would think we had lost a war or something.

Just think of the scams and bureaucracy that this will produce. It seems that as Former sov block countries try to free themselves of this sort of thinking we are trying to impose it.
Funnily enough, I live in the Czech republic and when I mentioned after an infrequent visit to the UK about the adverts on the radio urging people to shop firms who dont pay tax, how 'We will find you' if you dont pay car tax, how you are breaking the law if you get overpaid child benefit and you dont notify the taxman, and how buses in London had £100 fine for driving in the bus lane signs on them...and other such oppressive and depressive things, a Czech friend said...'cor it wasnt even that bad under the communists before the velvet revolution'... oh they had oppresive laws but they werent shoved down your throat all the time!

Britain under NuArbeit truly became a sinister Big Brother state!


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I wish you guys would say what you really think rather than be very w(h)et about things.
Its just another case of tax the majority to serve the entirety if the government needs money they should increase income tax all this will do will make the walk/cycle to work solar freaks richer and the driver/Norweb user poorer
There will never be a fuel shortage here as soon it will be too expensive to buy and only rich people will be able to run vehicles.
The Government (Danny Alexander) keep talking about going to Europe to get some sort of agreement to either reduce VAT or have this fuel adjuster.
Would it not be easier to just reduce the fuel duty per litre which I believe can be done by the UK Government.
We will soon be going from a Global Village to a real village as noone will be able to travel anywhere.


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There is going to be a conflict with transport unless the Govt gets a grip. Not only are train and other public transport fares going up by more than twice inflation, the car parks at train stations is too. In the long run, if people cannot get to work because of transport costs then there will be civil unrest.
Tax can only go so far. If you tax a person so much they cannot make a living they simply don't work and everyone loses.

I forget the exact amount but 20 quid for a local Euro flight but 100 quid for an inter continental flight, well people fly to Paris or Amsterdam locally then take their inter continental flight from there. This is preschool maths surely?
This idea has been raised before by the various green parties and hippies.

In order for it to work public transport would need to be seriously revamped. Our pavements can not sustain heavy use of cycles (think what htey are like in Germany or Holland now look at our gungy, off road walking areas... or pavements as they optimistically named.

Administering could be reasonably easy. We already have fuel cards, and ERIC keys. Just has to go national. Start with petrol and diesal, and gently bring the allowance down. Leave Bio fuels and wht not that we can provide for ourselves.

Cars are getting ever more economical, and cleaner. This would be an economic driver (no pun intended) to ensure this continues.
Another option is road pricing.

Toll booths on motorways (a la France and the M6 Toll) and congestion areas (a la London).
How many tens of billions does the government spend each year on paying the professionally non employed breeding classes to remain non employed and breed?

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