Possible fix for all those with shin splints/leg problems

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by cheesypoptart, Aug 14, 2009.

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    Vibram Five Fingers

    I switched to Vibram Five Fingers after one my arches collapsed while I ran the Boston Marathon in Asics earlier this year.

    Your feet will hurt at first from wearing these, because you've never run on the ball of your foot - even though that's what you're designed to do.

    But your foot muscles will strengthen greatly and quickly ( I no longer have flat feet after 3 months!) - and for those with shin splints in particular, the injury risk is much reduced because impact energy is no longer transferred up the leg (no more heel striking).

    Add pose running to that for 10% greater energy efficiency and even less injury risk, sprinkle in some Crossfit for all-round fitness, and you'll score on the runs, pull-ups and push-ups like never before.
  2. So tell me, how, exactly, is Kermit managing to stand up at the moment?
  3. I can imagine the look of the PTI's face now, as I turn up to PT wearing these 8O
  4. Like the idea, however what happens when they break and the Log chain does not stock them on ops not just the sand pits but jungle aswell. Will you then have oversized boots for yr feet or will yr leg problems resurface and you become a libility thoughts?
  5. My friends from Norfolk, do they come in a webbed toe version?
  6. :? :? :?
  7. If you check the FAQ section on the manufacturer's web site, they state that 'fivefingers' are not produced for people with webbed feet.

    No, honestly. Go and check.
  8. There are easy ways to get around your fears. First, if you're afraid of breakage, you can buy two extra pairs and stick them in your MFO box - these things are cheaper than regular running shoes. I was also unaware that the log chain has access to Asics, Adidas and other brands that people wear.

    Secondly, these crazy-looking shoes are often only worn a couple times a week - forgot to mention that - and people use regular running shoes for the remainder of their PT. You don't have to wear them all the time to strengthen your feet. That also reduces the wear on these shoes.

    You can also only wear them back in the UK and not bother to take them with you on ops. You know...common sense.


    Your feet don't suddenly swell up (unless you have amyloidosis). Of course your leg problems might resurface in the long run if you quit using these shoes - just like your problems doing push-ups reappear if you don't maintain the muscles that allow you to do push-ups.
  9. Oh and if you get shin splints because you overpronate, running in these is probably the worst thing you can do.. good times!
  10. Not true. You overpronate because you are running in a way our body did not evolve to. Overpronation happens with heel striking which is behaviour that has came with wearing soled shoes. When you run barefoot you dont heel strike - try it your self.

    I used to heel strike, but started running with a mid sole strike, and my pains have almost disappeared completely.
  11. Do they come in pink, or with sequins?

    And what about five toes; thats what lurk inside my socks, not fingers.
  12. Wrong, I'm afraid. You're mistaking cause and effect.

    Regular shoes cause you to strike the ground with your heel first, which is where most of our injury problems come from. Heel strikers also suffer from over over- or underpronation.

    These Vibrams force you to strike the ground with your forefoot - specifically the ball of your foot. That's because there's no padding in your heel. Within two minutes of running in the Vibrams, you'll switch to the forefoot style because heelstriking is incredibly uncomfortable.

    Train in the Vibrams, and you'll also quickly find that you've abandoned heelstriking in all other footwear as well. Abandoning heelstriking is the healthiest thing you can do for your feet.

    Here's a video demonstrating the differences between heel and forefoot striking.
  13. The author is correct... I've had a pair of these for over a year now!
  14. Quote stick them in your MFO box - these things are cheaper than regular running shoes. I was also unaware that the log chain has access to Asics, Adidas and other brands that people wear. Quote

    MFO box - still does not solve the problem if yr on patrol or in the trees, the LOG chain will have them to push up the chain, NOT a chance Ammo water and rats etc not your gucci foot slippers

    Do you wear them with socks? If so what boot size would you wear one up? Hence my question when you don't wear them the boot will be oversized or am I having a friday moment!
  15. Where'd you get them from then? Reckon they'll be just the ticket down the pub on a Saturday night!