possible delay due to security etc?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by arby, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. Just a quick one, during my application process, and on the issue of nationality etc, will I face any issues with my old man being a paddy? He was a sapper from 61 - 69 (or thereabouts) but is still an irish citizen. I also have an irish passport although still retain british citizenship. Is this going to cause me all amount of sh1t? thanks in advance.
  2. If you have an Irish passport, then you are also a paddy. Expect delays but should not be a huge issue.
  3. Not sure, the passport says "nationality (in some bog language) Irish/British"

    What point does the delay occur just out of interest? Im waiting for my medical so maybe thats delaying that?
  4. Phone your PSAO. He'll know and can chase any application, if nothing else it will give him something to do.
  5. cheers lurgen.
  6. It took over three months for my security clearance to come through earlier this year. Still, it coincided nicely with the switchover to JPA, so I would expect that yours won't take quite as long.

    You're right about the delay for your medical - I couldn't take mine until the sc had come through.
  7. Thats disappointing, I havent filled in any forms yet, other than the one that the PSAO fills in for you. would it be cheeky to phone up and ask for any info? Dont want to be pushy but Im really keen to get fired into the training.
  8. Normal SC shouldn't take long if all is OK, is there still a requirment for you Irish boys to complete a CTC Form or have they binned them since the end of Op Banner?

    If you are being CTC'd it can take a fair while I'm afraid for obvious reasons.
  9. 6 weeks is the target for SC, we're still making Irish connections fill in CTC forms.
  10. Seeing as your Avtar has 'Irish' connections, don't worry about it!
  11. Arby,

    Or should I say Paddy, you have no chance. I have already phoned the PSAO QOY in Dundee, and told him not to let you in.

    You must be the only PO in a donkey jacket. (hee hee!)
  12. There is no longer a requirement for those with Irish background to complete CTC paperwork. There was a directive issued in August to that effect which I can forward to anyone who needs it when I am back in work tomorrow.
  13. Two guys with Irish connection joined up at the same time as i did. One lad who was born in Ireland had to wait eleven months for his clearance and the other one who had an Irish mother but he was born in England and had never even been to Ireland is still waiting (13 months now).
  14. So, and sorry if this is bone, without security clearance, you basically have to just chill and wait? hmmm.
  15. msr

    msr LE

    No, you just can't see the 'secret' bits...