Possible D.o.e.

hope this is in the right section and thanks for any help.

Will try to be brief but thought a little background info would be best.
My son left school at 16 and joined the army and was lucky enough to get a place at the A.F.C. at Harrogate. He got through his 12 months and did very well. During the fortnight leave between Harrogate and his phase 2 training he went for his first holiday alone with his mates, for reasons i am too old to understand but the usual "teenager" grass is greener etc..etc... he decided that he couldnt commit himself 100%, so we decided it was best if he left service and tried "civvy life". After lots of effort on his part he was unable to get a permanent job so having learned the hard way that life is not always easy..... he decided that he should re-enlist and is currently in his 2nd week of phase one training.
So the problems start....
Whilst at the A.F.C. he had a problem with his shoulder when "tabbing" with a bergen ( he was in as a trainee para so was carrying more weight than most) it stemmed from an injury he had recieved playing rugby in his early teens.
Whilst out of the army he continued to keep and improve his fitness levels working out 4 or 5 times a week at the gym with weights and the problem cleared and he has since had no recurrence.
He didnt get sent to Glasgow for another medical when he rejoined, but this mistake was picked up just before he was due at his A.T.R. and it was arranged that he had a medical in his first week. The army doctor has decided that he needs a second opinion on the shoulder ( it must have been on his records) and next week my son is to see another medic and has been told that it is possible that he will be D.O.E.'d
He is gutted and is now wondering what will happen.

Anyone have any suggestions please? My son is adamant that his shoulder has not caused him any problems during his new training. I am hoping that perhaps i can put his mind at rest a little .

Thanks again

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