Possible charity scam regarding Rifles Regiment

Thought i might bring this to peoples attention.

recieved a call from someone claiming to be from a charity called Victoria Sponsorship and asking if my business would donate to them on behalf of Rifles Regiment and injured soldiers and their dependants. This sounded like a very good cause however the person calling sounded familiar. We had previously had calls from same charity asking for donations for a NSPCC booklet for schools. I had asked for more info to be sent and said i was interested.

Following this i recieved a call from the company asking for an amount just over £100 to which i said i had not entered into an agreement yet. i was then told i had and aggressively demanded i pay there and then. When i asked for the address and charity number the phone was put down!

Now the charity may well exist but their tactics are questionable and a contact of ours for Rifles in Ballykinler knew nothing about the charity.

Has anyone else come across them?


Not just the Rifles it would seem.....


News release
Charity fund-raising scam targets businesses
West Lothian Council’s Trading Standards service is warning local businesses to look out for a charity fund-raising scam from an organisation called Victoria Sponsorship based at 8 North John Street, Liverpool.

Victoria Sponsorship is targeting local areas and is cold-calling businesses by telephone, and without divulging their name, ask whether the business would like to contribute to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.
When the letter along with the invoice is received, usually in the region of £50, it is only clear then that it is from Victoria Sponsorship.

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation confirmed that last year that they ceased to use Victoria Sponsorship for fund-raising and intend to instigate court action against them.

Ed Machin, Principal Trading Standards Officer said ?I would ask all businesses receiving telephone calls like this not to send money. They are simply profiteering on the back of a worth-while charity organisation.?

Anyone who has previously sent money or has particular concerns is asked to contact Trading Standards on

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Telephone number incorrect and removed on request. "People should contact the Trading Standards in their own local authority"
Good info there Adam. The name "blood sucking leaches" springs to mind with this lot although probably giving leaches a bad name!!!
I'm a plumber, and as I advertise, I get these type of cnuts ringing every week.

They are ALL scammers, targeting the naive who think that they are donating to a good cause, I've had them pretending to represent the Fire Service, Police, etc. and asking you for a donation, where they will advertise your business

There are many sites where they are exposed. Tell them to fcuk off.

Rule of thumb, if they come knocking on your door they are pikey scum, if they ring, without invitation, then they are scamming sh*tehawks.

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