Possible Charity Bikeride - help needed....

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by 20NOV1917, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. Ladies / Gents,

    I’m currently serving with the AAC as a Lynx Pilot, (albeit ex RTR) and am after a bit of help/guidance etc. Due to certain reasons, I am unable to deploy to Afghan on op Herrick, and after feeling considerably gutted for the families of those wounded/killed (not only over the last few days, but since we invaded Iraq in 03), I felt I ought to do something to help. So, as I was out riding yesterday, I thought how about trying to raise money for Help/Holidays 4H and the RBL by riding to the barracks of each of the guys killed in action on Op Herrick. Due to time constraints, and also the fact that I ain’t as fit as I used to be, I am only thinking about the mainland UK. I’ve spoken with MDN and he’s offered to help and at this time, it is only at the “thinking about it stage”... I just thought I’d put something on here and ask the following:

    1. Does anyone have an accurate list of The Fallen from Op Herrick (and possibly Op Telic)?
    2. In addition, with the a/m list, where their units are based now?
    3. Any pointers on how to get help from the system before I approach my Lords and Masters and get f*cked off by them as it’s too difficult for them to either release me or help in any way??

    Thanks in advance and feel free to PM me with any decent suggestions (– and buying a bigger saddle after the first day doesn’t count as a suggestion).

    Many thanks.
  2. While your intentions are good, I don't think cycling round the various barracks is a goer.

    I can't see your boss giving you time off

    As you are cycling, sadly it's inevitable there will be more casualties and therefore you will have to cycle some more. You could end up cycling for months.

    Maybe a H4H day in each of the barracks where some activity could be organised. A sort of fete type thing by families there etc. A bit like a children in need type thing.

    You would need to find the barracks and a contact in each one, probably easier than cycling around the country.
  3. Hmm, i see yr point, especially about the inevitable add-ons to my distance.... :x

    It was more a point of appealling to the public as opposed to the miltayr community to raise the dosh, with stop offs at the various locations to pay respects so to speak.
  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Whilst you are still planning, grab yesterdays Times if you can. It has the full up-to-date list of Herrick fatalities (saving the names not published from this week yet).

    It may be useful even if you change plans.

    (sorry to sound so cold about it btw)
  5. Mate, even if the locations aren't 100% accurate and up to date, I think the meaning of the trip will still be very valid and the message will still get across.

    PS I dont think we'd notice to be honest ;)
  6. Not like you lot do any 'proper' work anyway :p

    20NOV - sent you a PM with some info - might be useful.
  7. and where are you this coming week flashy???

    How's the back of that lynx after yr visit to work with a certain person???? ;-)

    now lets not let this thread degenerate into slagging me off for once, serious times ok????
  8. Chubb :) ?
  9. Lets not drag this thread further off topic for 20Nov. He's rarely serious so give him his 15 minutes. ;)

    I'm sure the person in question will be thrilled to bits to be mistaken for chubb.
  10. 20Nov..I'll have a chat with you later this week about a bit of corporate sponsorship if you decide to go ahead with it.

    I'm down there on tuesday