Possible CBR 600 Auction For Begging Bowl

Possible!! CBR 600 Auction For Begging Bowl.
Depends on level of interest.

To start with... this is NOT the actual auction. This is simply to find out if anyone is interested in bidding on this wonderful piece of motorcycling history.

O.K. It's an old bike looking for a new owner who wants a bag a bargain. Don't forget... every bike deserves a loving home... it's been neglected, left out in the cold and shown no love now for a couple of years. The wife hates it and continuously abuses it... you could rescue this poor abused bike for only a few quid. If you are at all interested in making an offer... please PM me. All funds will go to the begging bowl fund to keep MDN in booze, drugs and loose women.... you know it makes sense.

Here are some pics, just to get you a bit horny. Below are some brief details.


Please don't send PM's asking lots of details... or about the bike's history. Just a simple message titled... I'm interested in the bike... is enough. If I get any interest will have a proper auction - this can be arranged privately or openly in the forums - depending on level of interest.

  • Is a USA Import Hurricane.
  • Has one leaking fork seal (caused when I did a stoppie).
  • Has cracked front fairing (caused when I did a stoppie).
  • Few scratches - nothing major.
  • Exhaust bit rusty.
  • New chain and sprocket set advised.
  • Has stood unused - outside for a couple of years.
  • Last time I put a battery on it, it fired up ok.
  • Front tyre is ok.
  • Rear tyre possible 1000 miles.
  • Nice red wheels.
  • Is an old E reg.
  • Reg num ends: www.
  • Goes like sh1t off a shiny shovel.

Buyer will need to collect from Pickering, North Yorkshire. You are not riding this bike away from here, You will need to come with transport.

Bike will be released after payment is received via the begging bowl or in cash to myself - which will then be passed to begging bowl.

I reckon it will cost about £100 in parts to put this bike on the road... at which point it should be worth about 800 quid. Would be about 3 hours of work to make roadworthy by a bike mechanic. But ideal DIY project too.

Fully restored worth about £1,500 - £2k

Ideal for skint squaddie wanting a small project and a machine that loves the twisties.

It has to go... so one of you might as well grab a bargain and do some good at the same time.

Fek me... that's like war and peace.
Sit Rep.

O.K. much to my surprise - no Arrsers showed an interest, so last night I got absolutely pissed with the next door neighbour, told him what it was all about and offered him the bike for fifty quid.

His Doris who was also completely blathered wrote a cheque, which kind of has some scribble on it. All being well I'll be getting her to write another one (one that I dare take to the bank) and the transaction will be done.... a little bit more for the kitty.

Adding... fuck you lot then you bunch of miserable cunts. :lol:

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