Possible bogus N1 claim form ? Help/info if poss ?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by two-four-albert, Dec 9, 2011.

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  1. Evening my fellow ARRSERS, I have recently recieved a claim form N1 which a company (calling itself Procter Law Limited) has sent me asking for money I owe them for services. When I questioned this they said that my wife had entered into a verbal agreement and I have to pay up, my wife had entered into no such agreement so I asked for the recording which he said yes I will send it in the next 15 mins.
    During the 30 mins I studied a bit on the web, and discovered a few scams going around with these forms and how any bod can download them, and demand payment. The form was from the Nottingham County Court website so I phoned them for advice, which was, if there is no case number or seal on it then it hadn't come from them.
    Anyhow the guy phoned back in his very poor English and said he hasn't got the recording as it is with his Soliciters and he cannot get it as they start the case against me on Monday, but they were willing to reduce the amount by 50% if I pay now (Really??). Sounds fishy to me and got my back up, hope it's not real with the earbending I gave, but has anyone else heard of this type of stuff?

    Alternatively if your bored and in Nottingham and fancy kicking the sh1te out of them..........
  2. There's dozens of these scamming reptiles around...... if he rings again ask him if this conversation is being recorded.

    If ha says yes, tell him, "**** off you scamming bastard! Send that to your solicitor!"
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  3. Just been doing some googling on his coy reg, the director is.......... Mr Conor Lewis Jackson has 1 company director or secretary appointments.
    Short name - Conor Jackson
    Month/Year of Birth: 09/1992

    Don't know whether I'm tough enough to take this cookie on, mind you I will have a full report on him via a business MD who frequents my pub by Monday. This should give me address and phone numbers, I just wonder how many people get ripped off by these people, especially the OAP's. Grips my sh1t grrrrrr.
  4. Cheers Vinny, may post his details if this companies house search bears fruit.
  5. As well as advertising, there are similar scams where the company claims to have an agreement either for a (useless) business intelligence subscription or some form of business consultancy.

    They rarely actually go to court. Sending bogus N1s used to be a favourite trick of private parking companies; the OFT and courts take a dim view. You should report them to Trading Standards - you have to contact your local office and they'll pass it on to Nottingham.

    In the meantime, what are the Particulars of Claim on the N1? These scammers usually back down if their bluff is called - I can do you a nice letter demanding disclosure of evidence under the Civil Procedure Rules.
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  6. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    a verbal agreement is not a contract . This was on YOU and Yours radio 4 during the week. If someone is debt collecting you they should be able to prove the debt on paper. then you can agree it or raise a dispute . Also you can have the case transfered to your local county court if you wish .

    A gentleman's agreement is made between two parties, neither of whom is a gentleman .
    Each hoping that the other party will honour his part of the agreement whilst hoping that he will not have to honour his .
  7. "A verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's written on"

    Oh shit, first post, back to my cave....
  8. We had a phone call this morning claiming they have, "Lost" the back up tape and therefore will be dropping the case. Still grips my sh1t as I bet they've ripped some poor gits off down the line. Anyhow heads up guys and gals.
  9. Turn the details over to the fuzz. Sounds like a scam to me.
  10. Hi All...
    If you look at the web site Whocallsme and put in the telephone number 08456806308, I think you will find a lot of other disgruntled people who have been affected by Britannia Law or Proctor Law or whoever they are now...please join us as we are making progress to stop these evil people..
  11. Well. Actually you are wrong. A verbal agreement can be a contract.
  12. evil people, ?.????? They ain't seen nothing yet,
  13. Oh right..... are you a victim? or dare I say... A member of Britannia Law/Proctor Law or whoever ?
  14. Info Trading Standards, they should investigate and may well prosecute the scammers.