Possible bleep test?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by gmorrison22, Nov 29, 2010.

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  1. I've got ADSC really soon and it's looking as if the selection centre will be covered it snow, surely they couldn't do the run in that as no one would get even remotely accurate times? Anyway, I've been told they might do the bleep test. I've not done one of these since primary school, so if I can do 1.5 miles in roughly 10 minutes, how will I find the bleep test in comparison?
  2. Alot of people believe bleep test is easier.
  3. I would have to agree I did a bleep test a few years back and got level 13 and a bit but could only run a 11 min 1.5 mile. I don't know how they work out your score but they told me anything over level 12.5 is good. It depends on the person though I guess because one lad did a 2 mile run in 12 mins then only got level 12 something and it took me 14 min in the 2 miler so you'll just have to practice. It's only 20m sprints so if you practice enough you should get a good score.
  4. It depends as the bleep test basically measures your lung capacity for want of a more detailed explanation, so generally if you are fit, you should do well, but it's not guarnteed. I do better on this than others who can generally run faster than me.
  5. we had to do the bleep test and i think there were only a few girls that dropped out before the pass level. one of the corporals ran the first 5/6 levels so we didnt fall behind the set pace, after that you're on your own. we had the big bosses in too to watch us so it put added pressure on us to run our arses off. 3 fails and youre out. do NOT give up, run til you actually feel your legs and lungs give in.

    Practice 20m sprints, with like 1 second rest between each for 10/15 mins.
  6. Yeah. My girlfriend just done pre selection and they done a bleep test instead of the 1.5 mile run. Bleep tests arn't easy, my advice is turn as quick as possible, that's where lots of time is wasted. Practice sprinting 20 meters, quick u-turn, sprint 20 meters e.c.t.