Possible ambulance strike

Just saw on Channel 4 news, that there is to be a vote on whether or not there should be a strike. Will have to find a link for more details
soon the RAMC wil be out,

public education:- in case of an event, dial 999 and inject yourself with morphine and write M and the time on your forehead then lie down and wait for ambulance to arrive :lol:
"Hello. Thank you for dialling 999. There is nobody here to take your call at the moment, but you can choose one of the following options:

If you require the Fire Bridge, press 1. The British Army will be there in about 4 hours once the Green Goddess has been first paraded and built up steam

If you require the Ambulance service, press 2. The British Army will send a Combat Med Tech round whenever they can find one who is not deployed, on leave or on OPTAG

if you require the Police, don't bother pressing anything. They are far too busy catching the easy target, revenue-generation criminals - motorists"

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