Possible Aero-Walt?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by herbal_thought, Dec 1, 2010.

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  1. G'day Arrse-ists...

    1st post so please be gentle (long time admirer of your work).

    A friend asked me if I could find out the truth behind a colleague of his accusations of being one of THEM.

    His name is Barry Manilow and he claims to have served with THEM for 8 years; despite his employment history not showing even the shortest time serving.

    The only thing the guy seems less likely to be a member of, is the local fitness first.

    But obviously I’d like to get these facts straight for my friend before he goes asking him the colour of the boat-house and receives a Fairbairn-Sykes shaped response.

    Rock on soliders.

    Kind Regards

  2. Try fucking asking him. Get rid of his name too. You balloon head.

    Too much herbal Herbal?
  3. hope he's not "THEM" and you just put his name on here. probably wouldnt like it. PERSEC and all that ;-D
  4. Why? My guesses that there are at least 62 people in the world called Chris Dougal........and this fella apparently has no service history on his CV, so it's not gonna matter either way.
  5. 'Rock on Soliders?'

    Are you a Senegalese wino?
  6. His security seems not the foremost thought as he's told quite a few colleagues of his time in 22.

    Doesn't bother me either way as I dont work with the potential poser but I thought you guys might wanna "out" him as there seems to be an anti-walt movement on this 'ere interwebsite.
  7. Idiot! If you (or your friend) have access to his detailed employment history then you must be in a position of enough responsibility to know that posting names on here - whether you are right or wrong in your assumption - is a decided "no no"!

    If you, yourself, had served you would surely know that. And of course there are certain legitimate roles in life where it is a good idea to shield some of the details from future employers.

    Have you considered that he may just be winding you up? (And god help you if he has served and finds his name on here)!
  8. Chris Dougal ;)
  9. Might have been in the Cheshire Regt!
  10. I haven't got access to farkall, i've been told a name and snippet of information by a friend. And thought the wiser ones of this site might be willing to help. Obviously my approach was wrong and thinking i'd get anything but abuse in reply was also incorrect. No i haven't served, nor have I implied that i have. I've just got a deep respect for those who have and didn't want some toffee-nosed prat talking his arse off about his imaginary time with THEM.

    But never mind. I'll leave him be and shut up. You guys can go back to throwing insults at the less informed.
  11. I'd save your respect for those that give it back.

    I hope you get bone cancer and that Barry Manilow is the only suitable marrow donor.
  12. That's the bizzarest fucking insult I've ever read! I'm telling my kid that one in the hope that they use it during a playground spat. Genius!
  13. :thumright:
    oh that is brilliant, im using that one at work tomorrow.
  14. Do you work in a chemo ward?
  15. Instigated by civvies, hangers-on, tip-tasters, pillow-biters and outraged cunts who use the term 'them'.