Possible 52bty reunion

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by ibbo, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. Just been talking with a old mate (who's still in) and it looks like another reunion will be taking place in April at Larkhill.

    No details as of yet but will post them once I know them.

  2. In the N.A.A.F.I. ?
  3. 52 (Niagara) Bty? I remember when they moved across to 4th Regt, had a cracking Battery Clerk by the name of Jo***y My**s.

    Did a few weeks Bty Clerking for them myself covering his leave but their BSN at the time was a bit notorious for biting heads off little clerks that make mistakes!
  4. In the N.A.A.F.I. ?
    It dont matter where it is so long as its cheap mate and in huge quantity.

    "I remember when they moved across to 4th Regt"
    Not as well as I do I bet, i just demobbed prior to it.

    I knew Jo***y My**s well. Not seen, heard or have a clue about him these days but your right he was a cracking bloke.

    " but their BSM at the time was a bit notorious for biting heads off "
    I think you will find 52 have had this problem for their entire history.

  5. Don't wish to run the man down, but he was/is a little welsh tw*t. Offence intended. The B.S.M. that is.
  6. I spoke with said clerk about 18 moons ago

    Chief clerk up north ...doing well :D

    I also back onesausage with his words about the little Welsh tosser :x

    bet he is still "hard in training" with the grandsprogs up and down penny fan back in his native homeland
  7. J.M. was a Manc wasn't he?
  8. From Bolton,Lancashire....good bloke he was/is

    We used to call him Mario remember ? i wonder why :D :D
  9. He liked pizza?
  10. So is this reunion going to happen then?

  11. onesausage wrote
    No cos he looked like this Foooker

  12. He did too ha ha.

    No idea about the re not been back intouch with me about it. No doubt I'll get an email the day before.