Possible(??) 22 SAS Walt - ARRSE investigation required!

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Bot, Dec 16, 2012.

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  1. Bot



    I came across this individual on another forum I visit:

    22rgt B Squadron's Profile

    I find it odd that someone with such a past, would openly advertise it?

    Can anyone here confirm or deny his claims?

    If its genuine then fair do's, but it seems a little far fetched to me?

    If you google his username, you'll see he's not afraid to advertise his past.

  2. Why do you care, and why have you created a profile just to come and bitch about it?
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  3. Car sales? Why not.

    All the old US 'Delta Hippies' are cab drivers.
  4. I find your punctuation odd.
  5. Yes. Missing a humpy bit, much like a breast cancer survivor. No?

    Perhaps I am having another stroke.

    I find your gaze captivating.
  6. Bot, you are concerned why?
  7. No. I meant the other cretin.
  8. I would like it very much if you and all other "walt hunters" got raped by a frenzied pig on your way to work/school/the dole office.

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  9. There's probably an entire division of them - The 52nd SAS Division - The Screaming Walts!
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  10. Tease.
  11. Fuck......

  12. Off.
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  13. He's still serving working deep undercover and seen as you've just blown it, he now has to touch up your kids.

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  14. Good call. Were you thinking of a boar raping them up the bum with his cock, or of a sow holding them down and bouncing up and down on their cocks whilst squealing in swinish satisfaction?

    Just to be clear, you understand.
  15. Tag teamed by a pair of frenzied boars with dubious personal hygiene and many STDs

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