Possibility of transferring?

What's the possibility of being able to transfer from CMT to Biomedical Scientist? If possible, I'd like some general information on the process involved, and the average time the transfer could take to be completed.

Thank you.
Don't quote me on this but earlier in the year I was informed that they are currently overmanned.

You could try ringing the BMS training school at Keogh and speak to the Tech Officer there.
Yes we are over manned however the school has applied to train 4 Army next year but are awaiting an answer.

I transferred from CMT to BMS 9 years ago, the process then was pretty easy, as long as your grades are up to it and the bosses at the Training School think you will do it then you should have no worries. They are being picky though as previously stated we are overmanned.

The course has changed so you will go to Uni first then do a military conversion style course on successful completion of your degree.

As Cokecan mentioned best to speak to the school at Keogh for more information, I believe that interviews will be held in Feb next year for enrollment on to the next uni course in Sept.
Your first port of call should be your chain of command to request an interview with your RCMO if you have one, if he/she is any good then they will have the latest figures on available slots across the AMS in specific trades, in particular for the coming training year. The process is simple:

1. Speak with your immediate Commander (Trp Cdr?) and request an RCMO interview.
2. Take copies of your qualifications in a tidy file to permit the RCMO to confirm you have the required qualifications for that trade.
3. Confirm with RCMO how many slots are available for that trade.
4. Request application for your transfer to be submitted by the RCMO (Copies to your chain of command)
5. Wait for further action such as call forwards for interviews or visits.
6. Make sure you have conducted good research into the trade to answer questions the RCMO will have for you, any RCMO worth their salt will ask you questions on the trade to ensure you know what you are getting into and that you are serious before submissions are made.

I recommend you visit a location where BMS conduct business and make sure it is for you!!
If you don't have the required qualifications then get them.
Don't pester the RCMO but be sure to get an update when the opportunity presents, the RCMO should give you a time scale as to when the transfer processes will take place, each trade conducts transfer action at different times of the year.

I hope this helps

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