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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by grollier, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. Im about to end 9 yrs in the raf and am thinking of possibly joining int corps and have two q's.

    1. having been in the raf im not hugely military in attitude. would i be in for a major culture shock or is it a lot more chilled than most army units ? (have worked with 21 sigs, not bad, worked with infantry bunch of rambo wannabe nosh bags, rlc a bit dim)

    2.Have one blemish on my history have been charged with assault by the raf it was accepted as a one of incident got fined carried on as normal. would this affect my chances ?
  2. first suggestion would be to lose the bad attitude about the infantry, or you will not get very far in the corps (or the rest of the army for that matter). i'm sure they weren't overly impressed with a crab either - but they aren't hoping to transfer.
  3. ok maybe noshbags was a bit harsh. and some of the bravado may have been attributable to my being a "crab". They were pretty unhelpful, except the gurkhas a lot of the army i met were quite dismissive of them but i thought they were great couldn't do enough for you.
  4. If you have that attitude towards the Infantry i suggest you stay in the RAF you trumpet.
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Re point 1, like most bits of the army which generally work in small units and detachments, there tends to be more of an emphasis on good personal relationships where possible, and self-discipline rather than imposed discipline... but it's still the army: if you don't deliver the goods, you will get gripped.

    Point 2: I have a vague memory that transferees to the Corps are expected to have a clean conduct sheet, but having said that, I can think of a few transferees that didn't. I would think it depends on what you are bringing to the party but you really need to talk to someone who can get you the bottom line. Get in touch with your nearest Int Corps unit and make an official approach through them.
  6. thanks for the advice. But im just going of personal experience sure they cant all be bad can they?
  7. Check your PMs Grollier
  8. I remember a Crab who left the RAF as a CPL after 12 years and went back to Pte, went to Winchester (fast track) and then A3 so did it all really.

    Do you want to be a Pte after 9 years?

  9. oh come on she-rah, army private will be like a promotion :)

    besides, he will still make sergeant quicker than he would remaining as a RAF cpl... lol
  10. Transfer to the Intelligence Corps will depend on your current rank, educational qualifications (and you are not big on punctuation or using upper case are you), your charge sheet (when you committed your assault etc), and your attitude to other cap badges (we know we are good but also know our infantry is the finest in the world etc, etc and we work closely with them). We are not civies in uniform - we do discipline, military skills, and professional and regimental pride.

    PM me with details on the first three points and I will let you know if it is even worth completing the paperwork.
  11. Assault in the RAF probably involved handbags or a pillow fight or such.


  12. Hey Susan. You want to join our Corps? Come on in! It's not like anyone will notice the blue cloth hidden you new mis-ironed green kit when you arrive! And there's loads of crabs to get along with in the sands of Chicks!

    Bloody crab!

    (Please don't take offence... I just don't like you!)