Hello, I am currently a 2 year Gunner, I've had a chat with my TC about becoming an officer (he is now away on a course or else I'd bug him), and he says it's possible but did not mention any ways of doing this. I hoped you smart people would be able to help me. I do not have a degree but am near completion of "learn from home A-levels" , I definitely have the determination and aptitude but not much formal education. Any advice would be apreciated.


This must either be a wah, or a posed question from a journo (your grammar is too good and you are not using text-speak!).

Nevertheless, even a 2 year gunner should have heard of the RCMO, try him or your BC first...

Failing any joy there, feel free to pm me if you have any specific questions.

Nope, just a smart Gunner. My regiment is having some retention issues, so I'm more likely to win a gold in the 2012 Olympics than getting an interview with the RCMO.
If you're already serving you can get away with GCSEs as long as you have maths and english at C grade.


iirc you should start with a TC's interview, which should lead to an interview with your CO (probably via your BC and maybe RCMO). The CO is required to recommend (or otherwise) you for the POD (potential officer development) course and subsequently the Army Officers' Selection Board (AOSB) at Westbury. The process will take months but your TC needs to speak to the Adjt to find the relevant DIN/JSP (sorry, I can't remember the reference) which outlines the process. HQ DRA get involved too, and an interview with the Regimental Colonel may be jacked up.

In addition, speak to any ex-ranker DE officer in your regt (there's bound to be one, although you may not be aware of it) about the pros and cons, the process and pitfalls etc.

Good luck!

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