Possession of cannabis in my youth- MOD form

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by sillybob, Dec 17, 2009.

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  1. Evening all, i've just passed my briefing getting a cat 1, and i've just recieved my mod security forms. Now the thing is back in my younger days i used to smoke the occasional bit of weed. I got caught in possession a couple of times, recieving a cannabis possession warning on both occassions, about 2-3 years ago. I'm 24 now.

    Fast forward to today and i haven't touched the stuff in two years, and i am subject to random drug tests at work. It was part of my life that i am not proud of, but i could see what it was doing to me and made the decision to stop. Now the form asks if i am a "habitual user" of either alcohol or drugs, now i wouldn't considered my smoking was "habitual", more social, i didn't smoke it everyday nor did i need it to get out of bed. But by virtue of the fact i got caught with it on more than one occassion would they deem that a "habitual" user.

    I know i am not going to recieve a definitive answer on this, just got stick the form in the post and hope for the best. I am going to admit to everything as honesty is the best and only policy. Just like to know if anyone else has an experience of this. Just praying that my past indiscretions don't thwart my ambitions of becoming an army officer.

    Thanks for taking the time to read
  2. You won't get much sympathy on here but if the question is whether you "are" a habitual user then clearly you are not. If the question is "were" you a habitual user then answer as you see fit. You've got to declare the convictions/cautions anyway.

    I presume you were cautioned, I don't know what a "cannabis possession warning" is or whether that constitutes a criminal record.

    Just tell the truth, you'll get caught if you don't.
  3. I am under the impression it is parable with a caution. Not after sympathy, not deserving of any. We all make mistakes, can't change the past, only the future. Thanks for the advice.
  4. If you dont use it then your not a habitual user, if you are, then rip your application in two and dont bother posting it.

    Do you use cannibis now, regardless of your past ? YES / NO - if not 2nd answer forget it
  5. The question asks "am i or have i ever been a habitual user". No i don't use now, i've completely turned my life around. I don't smoke, cigarettes or otherwise anymore, haven't touched it in 2 years, i've changed my entire circle of friends because they are still doing it and they're just wasters, and i recognised i was becoming one aswell.
  6. Was it a habit? Simple as.
  7. One word answer to this:

  8. Tell the whole truth then. You were but you're not now. It's up to them to decide what to do about that.
    One thing's for sure, if you are 'less than honest' now, when they do find out (and they will), it won't look at all good and they will very likely kick you out.

    We all make mistakes in life, I've made some fine ones myself. :D
    I'm sure you knew what the answer was without asking on here but needed someome else to confirm it for you. As Gremlin said, Integrity. It means absolutely everything to the honest man.
    Good luck with your application.
  9. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    It's not exactly unheard of for large numbers of serving - past and present - to smoke weed, is it? and over 7m people in the UK in some kind of survey a few years back, allegedly. The key question is is he legitimately saying its all in the past?

    CDT on intake is best thing to do, as weed is in the system for 3 months or so, so I was led to believe.
  10. No it was never a habit, i could take it or leave it. Me and my group of friends at the time preferred to socialise by smoking weed than by drinking. I can assure everyone here that i have not, will not, am not using now. It was a phase of life i was going through, which is now very much behind me. I relax now by taking part in sport etc not getting high.

    I am going to be totally honest, like i've said before i can't change my past only admit to the mistakes i've made.

    Thanks all for the replies, appreciate it
  11. Gremlin is right, integrity. Answer honestly, to yourself and the Army.

    Drug use is rife in civilian life, and as your not in the Army I doubt there is anything they can do. I'm sure the urine tests you do at Main Board, PCCBC and at the start of Sandhurst test your system for any narcotics so they'd find out if you did. The issue is, that weed takes far longer than any other drug to get out of your system!
  12. Well i am sure it'll be out after 24months!
  13. Tell the truth, when you are under the charge of other ranks who spend half their lives p*ssed you can be safe in the knowledge you smoked a bit of gear a few times then went on to build a career in the army, half the c*nts that will slate you for it are are the sort that will spin 40 tonnes of armoured vehicle around after 3 days on the p*ss and 6 hours kip..There is a former heroin addict and homeless type in my old lot, just fess up and youll be fine.

    Good luck and enjoy it mate..
  14. As I understand it (I tend to steer well clear of the discipline aspects of the job), it's taken that a number of officer candidates will have had some contact with controlled substances in the past, given the prevalence of cannabis usage. Even when I was at RMAS a million years ago, there were a number of cadets in the drug awareness lecture who raised their hands to having used cannabis before joining up. As long as it's minor category (you were only ever warned, not charged with any offence, much less convicted and given a custodial sentence, plus it's seen as a lower class substance) and definitively in the past, then it should go no further. It's what happens once you're in that would count against you where the merest hint of active drug abuse would be ENDEX for an officer.

    As the others say, put your record out there, be honest - it's the only way. Anything less and you might want to rethink your ambitions. But good luck with it, and well done on getting your act together.
  15. Not only that, but you can hold your head up high having been honest and 'fessed up' for past transgressions. Your experience gives you a handle on potential drugs problems with others in your charge and your honesty and experience brings you a moral high ground.