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Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by NeilCardew, Apr 24, 2012.

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  2. Beret reasonable shape, badge far too close to left eye and nowhere near ear - gotcha.
  3. It's the Afghan OSM minature showing the reverse of the medal. You a medal walt Neil or is it Tim ? :)
  4. It's Anthony Quayle

  5. No, it isn't. The second row is the Dunkirk commemorative and the Normandy Campaign commemorative. Now piss off and take your self awarded Bosnia medal with you cock of the highest order.
  6. Medals match in, commemorative medals warn seperate (if he was there he can wear what he wants). What is making you call Walt? Are you gonna be a bloke and ask him? He shouldn't be hard to find! I'm sure it list his name,area and association!

    Rather you than me
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  7. Apology? Fullsome and unambiguous please.
    I doubt even the most deluded walt would attempt to join the PRA let alone be a member.
  8. Totally unrelated to the first post, but have a read of this obituary: Brigadier Tony Hunter-Choat - Telegraph

    If you were in a pub and someone told you "I was a soldier in the FFL, left after 5 years with loads of medals for slotting Algerians, became an officer in the Gurkhas, then the Royal Artillery before being given command of an SAS Regiment without having done selection" you would poke him in the eye and call him a lying cunt. From Private to Brigadier: not a bad effort!
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  9. What's the last medal on his 'official' rack? I recognise the war medals and GSM (presumably Palestine) but not the green and yellow one.
  10. Let's just remind ourselves who is calling this grand old gentleman a Walt shall we?

    You wear a medal you're not entitled to because you forgot your Green Cross Code yet you question this man's veracity?

    In further news:

    Gary Glitter criticises NSPCC practices.

    Blair calls for more accountability in Government.
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  11. Far right h/s medal looks like it could be TEM with the yellow edging.
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  12. How ironic that he was born in the same town as Baron Castleshortt who was also in the SAS without having passed selection.

    Hunter-Choat sounds a remarkable Boys' Own man.
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