Poss MD, help required please!

Hello all, just after a bit of (free) advice if possible.

I have a luxation of the sternoclavicular joint (see the mighty google for more info Clicky that was caused in service (gunner in a WR that had a little “bump” back in 2002.)

I had an operation in oct of 02 to repair the joint but managed to knacker it again on TELIC 1 (fainted from the shits and landed on my arm, a little embarrassing!) You do the maths to see how long I had from large shoulder op to war fighting!

Fast forward to now and years of shitty pain, useless physio (nothing against physio but you cant do much for a dislocation!) and endless trips to the docs and finally the German specialist if going to write a letter to the MO stating that I can never again do the following: Tab with ANY weight, Pressups or fire a rifle. This might make my chosen proffesion (Inf) a little difficult!

My concern is how the MO / Army will take this, I would hate to be P7 downgraded and spend the rest of my time in the ration store or the like but I’m a little worried about being MD’d (Mortgage, credit card, dog, wife to worry about..in that order!)

What would I be looking at if I was MD’d? I’m 8 years in and have no trade as such on the outside.

Any help at this stage would be much appreciated; I’m going to get in touch with the RBL as soon as I know whats going on!

All the best.


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