Positive Discrimination?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bensonby, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. Equality move could hit white men

    Ministers are preparing an equality law that would allow bosses to give priority for jobs and promotion to women and black applicants

    White men could be legally blocked from jobs or promotions under controversial government plans to help women and black employees achieve equality.

    Employers would be allowed to give jobs to qualified minority candidates in preference to other candidates under a change in discrimination law being drawn up by the Equalities Minister, Harriet Harman. The 'positive action' tactic, already used in the United States, has been a legal minefield in the UK and Harman's plans are likely to upset MPs who believe that merit alone should determine who is hired.

    However, she believes radical changes are needed to help talented black and female candidates break through barriers in business and public life. The positive discrimination plan would apply only in cases where two equally qualified candidates were after the same post, allowing the employer to tip the balance in favour of the minority candidate on grounds of race or gender.

    The proposals could also let universities select more female students in traditionally male-dominated subjects, such as the sciences.

    However, they are controversial even among some equal rights campaigners, who argue they will have a limited effect and that action on equal pay is more important. 'How you would really hold that up in a court of law is not clear and, if it isn't, employers may be reluctant to use it. You are probably talking about a handful of cases,' said Katherine Rake of the Fawcett Society, which campaigns on equal pay.

    Employers can currently specify that they welcome applications from minority candidates, and promote themselves to specific groups. However, Avon Fire Service, whose firefighters are 97 per cent white and male, triggered a storm of protest this year when it barred white applicants from an open day.

    The equalities bill would give new rights to mothers to breastfeed in public places such as cafes and trains and require golf clubs to give women players equal access. She is also pushing for powers to force companies to conduct so-called pay audits, reviewing staff salaries to ensure they are not underpaying women, but this has met stiff resistance within the cabinet.

    Ministers are worried about a backlash from business over any changes on equal pay, but Harman is under pressure to match commitments from the Tories to introduce compulsory pay audits for employers that have been successfully sued by female employees.

    Harman, who addressed the TUC women's conference in Eastbourne last week, told delegates she was still thinking about the issue of pay audits. A review by Labour peer Baroness Prosser two years ago concluded that the main cause of unfair pay was not outright sexism but problems such as women opting for lower-paid professions or mothers choosing to go part-time.

    Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/mar/16/race.gender
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    One word - discrimination.
  3. I think the whole concept is utterly disgusting.
  4. Its seems to be pretty much the norm anyway these days. Shocking, we are on the scrapheap for being "normal".
  5. Lets hope some black jewish disabled transexual gets Harriet Harmans job, A, It would serve the fat bitch right and B, they couldn't possibly do a worse job.
  6. There's nothing positive about discrimination!

    Way to go Harman, the BNP welcomed this much needed boost in their numbers I'm sure.

    How to create a disenfranchised white underclass in one easy step.

    I can hear the comments now as the newly promoted black female candidate walks past 'Bet I know how SHE got the job!'

    This government are fcuking idiots.
  7. Just remember that it was a white disenfranchised underclass that rose to power in Germany in the 30's. Does no one ever learn from history?
  8. Hmmm, No, sorry, doesnt ring any bells.
  9. Absolutely fcuking insane.
    If there is ANY sort of discrimination, so called "positive" discrimination, at all, it should be that the employment market should favour British born English speaking applicants. And even suggesting that is a long shot.

    Equal under the law, my arse.
  10. You say that like its something we didnt know.
  11. didn't tony do away with history?
  12. Damn, spotted the one flaw in my theory.
  13. The new book, a brief history of Time, by Tony Blair.

    'In the beginning, it was May 1997.......'
  14. If its against black/asian/muslim/eastern european etc etc, its racist, if its against the native white Englishman, its equal opertunities.

    This country is a bag of boll-ocks best suited to johnny forieigner than the man whose family has been here since Bodica, is it any wonder the people OF this country are fed up to the hind teeth with all this PC, help the immigrant culture we have become.

    Roll on the revolution....
  15. Does this mean she's going to lead by example, and do one? The difficult part would be finding a minority person thick enough to do as bad a job of being a minister as her(don't want to make her look stupid, it's patronising; it's the only thing she does well herself). Perhaps the other no-marks in the cabinet could be volunteered as well, like all of them? :roll: