Positive Discrimination

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sweets, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Positive discrimination in the police is a highly visible fashion. It seems common knowledge now that if you are a regular decent white, straight, 6ft tall male you have far less chance of getting into the police than if you are a 4ft something cross dressing, gay, asian man.
    It's actually surprising that the long suffering indiginous population have put up with this state of affairs for as long as they have.
    At last, one police sergeant is standing up for himself.
    And because he has decided to complain at the preferential treatment given to an ethnic minority person over himself he was first offerred promotion, then had it withdrawn when he wouldn't be silenced, and then, in an attempt to intimidate and frighten him into silence, accused of discrimination himself, and demoted back to constable.
    A decade ago I would never have believed that the establishment of the police service itself would stoop to such underhand and illegal practices.
    I hope this police officer is well supported as he exposes this particular can of worms.

  2. Are you surprised when you consider the ghastly gang who have held power in this sad country for the last ten years?
  3. Agreed that the police do seem to have a strange bias towards minorities, which will eventually come back to roost, I'm sure.

    However, the area where this asian chap has been promoted ahead of this caucasian chap seems to be a particularly diverse area; Perhaps when they say they felt having someone who could speak all the locals languages and understood them on a cultural level, they mean it?

    Although I'm disgusted that in England, the Police are having to promote someone who is essentially foreign because of his ability to speak foreign languages which could aid him in ENGLAND! Disgusting all round really.
  4. being politically correct, drives me up the wall, you could almost call that a racist act there!!!!!!
  5. Yes, and when people claim that this white person is better for that job (not because he is white, but because he IS better for that job), maybe they would employ the white person instead of hitting ethnic targets?

    BOLLOX they would.
  6. Exactly my point: if you live in the UK - learn to fcuking speak English! There should never be a situation where police have to promte someone because the civilians they deal with cannot understand english. Disgraceful.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Hi there, thanks for applying for the job, but due to discrimination in the force (you are white), I'm afraid we can't offer you that position. We hope you understand and go away feeling, erm, positive?
  8. I think that the positive discrimination thing has been going for a while. There are lot's of areas where it goes on to compensate for 'under representation' of the ethnic minorities. In the media and advertising it can be quite funny (have you watched the AA adverts?) but I'm not sure if I can confident that we are getting the best person for the job, rather than the best colour for the job in some cases.
  9. What was the one about not allowing contractors to tender if they were not a diverse employer or some such?

    Its funny how when they employ an ethnic above another person they say well its because he has the skills, but neglect to mention they have quotas to meet.
  10. I always tick the 'diverse' box when tendering for work and filling the forms in. Being born in South Africa of British parents allows me to tick the 'Ethnic African' box. I have a young British Chinese lady starting next week and only really need a Ginger person to complete the set.
  11. It is only proof that they are just as racist as the BNP, IF NOT MORE.
  12. Well recruiting from a diverse background does have advantages, such as language skills and cultural understanding. It also helps your people blend in when they're undercover. From what I've read the SRR is supposed to be going for that, but they are a classified unit, which means everything written about them is probably a ton of crap.

    On the point, affirmative action to look PC is so stupid it's not funny, since you only get people who are less qualified in because they are from a minority, which only deepens the perception that they are less capable of doing their jobs properly. Levelling the playing field is one thing, AA is just cheating.
    However as I said targeted recruiting to pick people who may add value due to their background is something else, and should be encouraged when possible. For example the Army probably couldn't have enough soldiers who speak Arabic.
  13. If he is better qualified for the job cant he take them to a tribunal? Am I wrong in thinking that if he can prove he is better suited he should win? Especially as he is working for a public body.

  14. You're right, there shouldn't be....but there is. It's not the police's fault, but it is something they have to deal with. However, it shouldn't be allowed to interfere with people's careers and promotion prospects.

  15. In my personal opinion, if you go to a Country, and intend to stay there for awhile but make no provisions to adapt into the culture, learn the language and earn a wage whilst contributing to the State, then you are mearly a Tourist, and should be sent back at the first offence.