Positive Discrimination - Surely they know better than that?


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The Metropolitan Police is considering introducing positive discrimination to speed up the recruitment of black and Asian officers.
The idea is being considered to meet ethnic minority targets set after the force was labelled "institutionally racist".

The Met wants to "fast-track" ethnic minority people to make its force more representative of London's racial mix.

Such a plan would necessitate a change to the 1976 Race Relations Act.

Difficult target

The government has set the force a task of having 25% of its officers from the ethnic minorities by 2009.

The target was set after the force was found to be "institutionally racist" by the Macpherson report into Stephen Lawrence's death.

The inquiry had examined how the black teenager's murder in Eltham, south east London, was investigated.

Met chiefs will meet the Commission for Racial Equality to ask for its advice and backing.

If secured it will seek the support of Home Secretary David Blunkett, according to the Guardian.

White candidates would not be turned away but some might have to wait longer to take up places.

There are now more suitable applicants than there are training places, resulting in a wait of up to a year for a place.

Since 1998 the force has doubled the proportion of ethnic minority officers.

But Martin Tiplady, the Met's head of human resources, told the paper: "If we carry on with 1% growth a year it will be light years before we have a workforce that is representative of the people we serve."

He continued: "We want to explore if we can recruit not just on merit but also on ethnicity."

Glen Smyth, chairman of the Met's Police Federation, told the Guardian: "You don't solve one problem by creating another."
Not the way forward. :evil: :evil: :evil: [/quote]
If it is so important for proportional representation what will the Met ( or anyone else) do if they don't get enough takers. Offer golden hellos and bigger pay packets for minorities? What if EM recruits are not up to scratch, poor English for example. Pass them anyway? Where are the ethnic demarcation lines? Are Europeans sub divided or considered a homogeneous group.

The Met's head of anthropology said.....

But Martin Tiplady, the Met's head of human resources, told the paper: "If we carry on with 1% growth a year it will be light years before we have a workforce that is representative of the people we serve."
Call me pedantic but a light year is a measure of physical distance, with a time component, not a measure of time itself. Light years are..years. Has Martin Tiplady has been to Staff College? More likely, he resides on another planet and commutes light years to get to work.

I say: "can of worms". :roll:
Now let me see, positive discrimination! WTF is that all about, is that tyhe fancy title for discrimination against anyone who isn't from"the minorities"?

sounds like it to me. so will that mean if there are say 20 places on a a police recruit course and 500 apply but only 20 are 2non-white, being the right colour/religion in keeping with "positive discrimination" possibly some poor white folk could miss out on a career because of his colour? mmm Racial Equality know about this?

what a bag of bollox!!!
Imagine if your wife / girlfriend / significant other got murdered / raped / generally done over. Who would you rather have investigating the case. A Police Officer chosen for his ability and potential or one chosen for his skin colour and ability to fit in with what the bloody Guardian thinks about Society?

God help us if we ever go down this Road, and I don't just mean the Army here but Society as a whole. California toyed with the idea in the 80s and 90s and found that positive discrimination was utter arrse as people started presuming that ANY coloured individual who had got to where he was had done so because of his colour and not his ability. As a result people stopped having any respect for or faith in those coloured individuals who had got to the top of their chosen professions. In the end the scheme got cancelled, mainly due to pressure from the Coloured Community.

Bloody McPherson. Instead of pandering to the self-appointed bloody equal rights lobby the Met would be better off trying to get the Government to cut down on the paperwork mountain that their officers are faced with whenever they are allowed to do their jobs and actually arrest criminals.
Having been told that the principal reason for a lack of recruits from the SubContinent was that in general the salaries aren't up to their expectations in light of their average qualifications, I wonder what measures the Home Office would consider to draw them in....
Positive Discrimination or Affirmative Action was officially adopted as a a lawful government policy by the US. Clearly the US civil rights movement had valid cause for complaint and sought to rectify the situation, land mark court cases such as Brown vs the Education Board of Topeka saw the Supreme Court declaring segregation as illegal. Many other cases soon followed. Aff Action or Pos Discrimination was 'needed', in the sense it addressed the the problem of discrimination for minorities as being normal and totally acceptable.

However, in the 21st Century there is no place for Positive Discrimination as a) Positive discrimination is the biggest oximoron going, b) its illegal as with any other form of discrimination.

The PC brigade have gone to far.

(I knew that politics thing i did at uni would be useful one day :D )
Surely any institution that allows such a thing a "The Black Police Officers Assoc." is already "institutionally racist".

Imagine the outcry if the were to be a "White Soldiers Assoc."?

You will only ever get thoses that want to join a uniformed organisation so stop worrying about the numbers and start worrying about the quality joining.
Unfortunatly the 'Black Police Officers Accosiation' is allowed because they are a minority, therefore they cannot be touched. But you are right if we had the same we would be called racists. Often you are thought to be a racist just by saying that type of thing out loud. However I am not a racist I would just like real equal oppertunities for all. Advancement in ay job, or to any position, should be solely on abilty to do the job and not on the colour of your skin, or where you came from. It is the same as giving university places to those socicially, and econimically, less well off. These types of things should go to the best person whether that be on exam results or interview. It is all part of the same problem! If there is a real problem of racism within an institution then we should all be attacking those that are racist within that establishment, not the establishment itself.


The Force I have joined has a pre-selection weekend for ladies and ethinic groups prior to selection. This aids them when it comes to the actual selection day.

It also will enhance the number of the officers they ned to recruit to maintain their 'figures'
Things like this are to be expected when you have a government which has allowed politilisation of the police, BBC, civil service etc.

TB (praise be upon him!) is obsessed as are all Socialists with being PC even if it means discriminating against caucasians! Socialists are so obsessed with our history and our past misdeamenours and are so keen to rectify this!

Adopt this route and watch shiit fly! :roll:
Positive discrimination is already being employed during the recruitment process of a police force (sorry, police "service") in the United Kingdom. The Police Service of Northern Ireland recruits on a 50:50 basis. Even more discriminatory in that it's not 50:50 catholic - protestant, but 50% catholic and 50% "other". Is it working? Being a male, from the "protestant community" and with a security force background, not for me it isn't, no.
I agree that we need more black Police officers though...let's face it, most criminals are black! :D :twisted:

PS I am clearly taking the pi$$ - don't bother flaming me!


Positive discrimination in a County Fire Service.

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As for the social side of the weekend, there is entertainment organised for each evening and best of all, the opportunity to meet and make friends with woman from all over the UK. The weekend is the Networking Women in the Fire Service (NWFS) annual conference, which is on the 11-13 June 2004. The service is willing to fund a number of places so the travel, accommodation and delegate’s fee will all be paid for you. All you will need is some spending money and your glad rags-oh, and your fire kit!!"

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