Positive ASBO News for once

Apologies if posted before.

Always a negative view portrayed with the issuing of ASBOs and the belief that they are supposed to cease the person's activities tend to be very limited, especially this week where four youths were sent down for a senseless manslaughter, but for once two examples where it has shown the ASBO orderee have seen 'the error of their ways':

WHEN teenager Tiffany Woods was made subject to an Asbo she never imagined it would turn her life around.
Yet a year on and the 17-year-old, once banned from most of south Seacroft in Leeds, now has a flat, job and car of her own.
Tiffany, of Kentmere Gate in Seacroft, also has her sights pinned on becoming a paramedic with the ambulance service and will be enrolling at Park Lane College as soon as she turns 18.
What has driven her these last 12 months is a determination to prove wrong the people who branded her a teen yob, as she has always protested her innocence.
Miss Tiffany Woods

Leeford Walker, 19, was given the ASBO in February 2004 after an operation tackling drug dealing, crime and anti-social behaviour in Little London, Leeds.
The order, preventing him from going into certain areas and meeting certain people, was due to run until February 17 2009.
Leeds Magistrates' Court accepted the council's application to rescind the order – thought to be the first time in the region where a council has asked for the lifting of an ASBO it originally demanded.
Leeford has become a mentor for other youngsters and hopes to be a youth worker or a soldier. He worked through many of his problems with the help of the Leeds Youth Offending Service (YOS).
Mr Leeford Walker

Hope they keep to that path of thinking.
It's very heartening to read stuff like that, MyssL. Thanks for posting it.
I was just wondering if there are any statistics anywhere on the success/failure rate of the ASBO scheme.


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