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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Bisley, May 23, 2005.

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  1. 8) Just returned from the det: Fantastic evening. As D of E rep received three books for our cadets, got at least ten signed up now, that should enhance their career prospects. Looking forward to annual camp and my AI course in January. Any advice on the latter much appreciated. Hope to do my KGV1 the year after.
    What makes cadets special for you?
  2. How do you mean hope to do your kgvi? Running a rival one are you? (I apologise if I have massively misunderstood this)
  3. i think you may have big jobs old chum, but would like someone to explain!!
  4. kGV1, enables you to conduct exercises with weapons does it not?
    Its a qualification, or is used as one; Ive heard many people say "have you done your KGV1" for example
  5. thanks for clearing that up as it is also a UOTC gunnery competition, hence mine and bigjobs confusion..
  6. In the fisrst year we are expected to progress from potential instructor to sergeant instructor so we take the ITC (initial training course) run by regs with the training wing. Then comes the AI course which happens at Frimley World and is I beleive mostly about instructional methods. Lastly the KGVI King George Six also at Frimley and involves organising and managing a fieldcraft exercise. Although I am not entirely certain of the contents of either of the two latter courses yet. If one is succesfull and proves to be of worth, promotion follows within the ACF. However that is not the motivating force. More knowledge means to me, a better understanding and thus more able to be useful in cadets.
  7. That's typical. All those kings, just going around and stamping their names on things without thinking of the confusion that would arise in 60 years time.
  8. Bisley

    Your AI's course at frimley revolves mainly about Skill at Arms instruction, however there is a lot of Drill, Map & Compass and Feildcraft (theory test) and the Red Book test, have a good look through the manual before you go and practice some SAA lessons and you'll be fine, The KGVI course has a lot of planning and orders to it. Get somebody competent to go over orders with you or you'll find it all a bit overwhelming. If you get in with a good group when you get there you'll enjoy them both a lot!!

    Good luck mate
  9. Thank you very much, I appreciate the positive response and good advice.
  10. I loved my KGVI found it to be a very enjoyable week, lots of running round, lots of fieldcraft, and the chance to write orders, then carry them out...... Oh yes and the chance to crawl through some rivers!

    I am out of the ACF now, couldn't fit it in with work, and I don't belive in taking part 1/2 the time, much rather give 100%.

    Enjoy the courses, then take what you have learnt and give it all back to the Cadets, but remember that "Frimely" is a wonderful world, and out in your Dets and Coys things don't always go the "Frimely" way.... :)
  11. Sorry to hear that it messes with work. Hope you manage to find time in the future.
    Best wishes.
  12. With regard to qualifications there is a lot of confusion - my knowledge is that you need a line on your AI's report that says something like: Able to conduct SAA training unsupervised (although yes - there are written and practical tests in m&c, fieldcraft, drill and red book that go towards passing it)

    KGVI - the quals as such are - Pyro and the magic line again stating - able to plan and conduct low level fieldcraft training (ie Detachment level)

    Hope that helps - KGVI loads of fun, although hard work - for both courses 7P's count loads - the more knowledge you have manual wise, the easier you'll find them and the more fun you'll have!