Positions Available for current Offshore medics & remote med

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by doctordeath, Mar 9, 2008.

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  1. I am looking for C.V.s of former RAMC and SF medics.

    To submit your C.V. to me you must have the following:

    Current HSE offshore medic's or be willing to do the course at your own expence.

    Former senior ranks, preferred but SF Cpl's & MSU accepted.
    Jungle experience a bonus, teaching qualifications a bonus.

    I will only discuss the positions with those chosen but I can say the day rate is £300.00 and it is not in the sand box. Long term position for those who fit the bill.

    Please feel free to P.M. me and I will give an e-mail address to send your C.V.

    Regards D.D.
  2. Just to give you a little more Info the position is an International contract working a 1 month on 1 month off rotation, with travel and expences covered. BUPA Health care & Travel Insurance with repatriation built in.

    Regards D.D.
  3. PM inbound
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    Are you insane? 22 years in the Army and your concept of PERSEC is clearly undeveloped. Get it off before some lunatic tube gets hold of your details and uses them for nefarious activities. Or shall I give you a quick ring to remind you? :roll:
  5. cant you just delete it if your a mod? I texted this guy to let him know it was on here.

    Maybe its a wah
  6. can the morerator please remove my cv from the site as it was posted by mistake I thought it would only be sent to DD. Roy.
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    And reinstated!
  9. D D,

    Iam currently working as an offshore medic due to de-mann the rig 22nd of this month, pervous to this I was a CP medic in Bagdad and 13 years Inf/ 7 years of those Inf medic.

    any use to you. :?

  10. or try the big boys-isos and europe assist.
    or frontier.
    log on to the site for medics- remotemedicsonline.
    a good resource.