Poshest Bloke to go on Ops

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. Isn't Harry. Surely it's this bloke!!!

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  2. he'd get it....if he wasn't 14 yrs old!
  3. To be sure- he's beatifuuul it's true.
  4. Not that posh. His daddy had more airs than graces, if you take my meaning.
  5. Forgive my complete ignorance...who the farking hell is he?
  6. James 'take me now' Blunt
  7. Posher than Harry? No.
  8. [​IMG]

    This guy was quite posh.
  9. Various members of the Royalty, proper nobility etc over the years.
    A popular musician with a penchant for shagging the lower classes hardly even registers.
  10. His accents posher though and I'm yet to hear him say ''monging it''! Plus his family have been scrapping a lot longer, stolen from Wikipedia:

    Blunt was born at a military hospital in Tidworth, Wiltshire, England, the first child born to Jane and Charles Blount. Blunt spent his early childhood living in England, Cyprus, and Germany, where his father, a Colonel in the British Army Air Corps,[1] and military helicopter pilot, was posted at various times. He has two younger siblings. His father instilled in his son a love of flying, and Blunt earned his pilot's license at age 16. The Blount family has a long history of military service, dating to the 10th century.[2][3]
  11. Irish peerage. Not that posh.

    Takes cover.
  12. Hush your mouth! Blunt would 'get it', in fact my ideal would be to have both Prince Harry and Blunt at the same time. I wouldn't even mind if they 'high-fived' over my back :-D
  13. 8O i should be so lucky....they wouldn't be able to reach each other over my back!!! Can i have twos-up flowers??
  14. Poshest bloke to go on ops is an anaesthetist with his own title who's relative was at Welllesly's side. Mad as a hatter though, but really posh. Got caught by his mum fishing in their river when i was a teenager. She took £10 of me cash in hand for "permission". Tackled her about it at a social do gave me the cash back and said I was banned for life (not).
  15. i would have thought the numerous kings throughout history who have led men into battle would be the poshest.