Posh Totty

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cow741, Aug 21, 2009.

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  1. Thats rough,very rough.
  2. I would but just to shut her up.

    Fcuking annoying bint.
  3. I know its friday but have you started on the sauce already :lol:
  4. Oh I doo like watching Posh Toty...especially the horsey kind when they are wearing skin tight white pants, low cut tops ... and are wandering around in riding boots and whip in hand.... :lol:

    I bet they have had their hymens stretched riding all them 'Osses about.... :oops:
  5. Not many of them have intact hymens after about 9 years of age, I'll wager.
  6. Baldy Gail Porter features later, bemoaning her lack of a podger...any takers? I know quite a few on here admire the charms of the follicly challenged Miss P but as a rule I seldom sleep with anybody who has less hair than me!
  7. Posh Birds in Jodphurs really do it for me - especially when stretched over a fine filly. When stretched beyond their elastic limit over a fat munter it makes me gag and eventually puke.
  8. Standard Totty: Snatch....

    Posh Totty: Snartch...
  9. I like the comment Buggrit2007
  10. One for the kidney-punch methinks.
  11. i bumped into gail in a shop in London the other week!! Rougher than a bag full of badgers!
  12. Jodphurs? Like these polo girlies?

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  13. She feckin' annoyed me even with the sound off, she looks as if she's chewing a wasp.