Posh Totty - Love it or Loath it?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by StickyToffeePudding, Mar 17, 2010.

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  1. Posh Totty, love it or loath it...

    Cut-glass accent, M and S twin-set and pearls, drinks sherry and eats chockies from boxes, not multi pack bars...

    And my prime example of the genre...


    The lurrrrrvly Ms Allsopp...

    Kleenex at the ready, in your own time, carry on...
  2. The now not quite so lovely Tara 'Harry' Palmer Tomkinson. Still would though.

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  3. There's always the domestic goddess too of course...

  4. Here's some post totty I've always had a thing for:

    Dr Linda Popadopoulos, a psychologist who has carved herself a pretty successful media career:



  5. Loathe it.
  6. Oh good - another 'fit bird' thread :yawn:
  7. Good pedigree, too much chavette for my liking...
  8. Would you rather it be a bloke thread you mincer :D
  9. to look at its fine, but due to my job i have to deal with these types on a daily bassis, i loath them!!!

    any longer than 10 min and i want to stamp on there face. stuck up snobby up there own arses!
    dont get me started on the way they carry there hand bags in teh crook of there arm and have there hand flopping about like its broken!!! cnuts !! !!!

    i die with shame wth the way they treat staff in reasturants and bars ect

    i still would though
  10. Tied of looking/talking/perving over fitties are we old man...?

    Mr Death, Mr Death, another over here that's well past his use by date... :roll:
  11. I drive through every day and occasionally shop in Lambourn, Berks, labelled as the Valley of the Racehorse, and as you can imagine there's stacks of fit posh Horsey type MILF's about.

    Very Yum Yum!
  12. Up the back stairs with the scullery maids then? Nowt wrong with that.
  13. Well fark awwwf and start one, you can call it 'Is it better to give or recieve'...
  14. Haha - my reputation for dealing in absolutes preceeds me...!

    Never tire of looking at fitties, but Kirsty Allsop and TPT? I'd rather stick my head in a lion's mouth whilst flicking its love-spuds.

    ...I just get the impression this one will be locked like all the others when the mods catch up with it.

    Me and meridian tried a similar thing once 'for cheridy' of all things - that too got locked. Shame really, because it was quite funny too... :D

    Edited to add: I do agree on Nigella though :drool:
  15. A good coping mechanism is to grade them 1-10 by how much their heads wobble when they're talking. I put it down to a combination of excessive horse riding and too many bits of heavyweight tortoiseshell crap in their hair.