Posh Tottie looking for some DPM action

Doesn't look like your average "Squaddie chaser"!

Must have posted her profile on the wrong site.... :D

Though could be a good pad, in ronhills and stilettos!

She hates racists but she is looking for someone white

It's a sideshot so it's probably fatter than Anya's left flap

She likes Reading. Or is that reading?

Resultant - fat, semi-snooty Dago rugby muncher.

I would.
The one who hangs around with Michelle thingamy bob, that looks as if she should be working at the checkout at Tescos (with big norks)?

trickywoo56 wrote:
She likes Reading. Or is that reading?
I would.

Anyone who likes Reading must be crap... it's a s***hole.
She likes jazz......does that include jazz mags?
She is v v v attractive though which probably means she's up her own arrse :(
Only problem is...it's a proper ball ache trying to register on these shagging sites!

Done. Maybe now she'll come and play with us here!

Giselle, honey, if you're reading this...please ignore the blatant sexual bravado. There are loads of ladies on this site, and a good thing too, because they help calm it down a bit!
For her I would even wear a navy uniform.......or whatever she wanted me to wear!

So intense, so intelligent, nice norks!

Help me......I'm twisted!!!! :twisted:
I'd poke her, no probs. However at 38 I'm out of the bracket, Still worth a tug
Fake photo
Have had numorous heair colours

have brown eyes but loved green eyes.

Love: RnB, rap?, garage, bashment, Salsa- huge salsa fan :)

Yannie, is it really you?


I reckon it's that weirdo Little Jack Horner, pretending he's a chick again. F*cking strange little man.
I don't think that it is Little Jill Homo as the profile makes no mention of a liking for fiddling with c0cks - sorry clocks.

Unless of course a liking for fiddling with c(l)ocks is implied by being on www.wantsomesquaddiec0ck.cum
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