Posh Spice bottom of Euro 2004s top chick list

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Filbert Fox, Jun 7, 2004.

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  1. first time she's been in the top ten on her own isn't it??
    she is absolutely f**king rank though , it'd be like shagging a plumbers toolbag with all them bones sticking in you.
  2. Hideous grinning skank :evil:
  3. dunno .. reckon she could be quite dirty.. its in er eyes
  4. polar, my pet Spanial (Blitzen) shat on the floor. That was dirty, didn't mean I wanted to stick me trouser mauser in it.

    Posh spice. I'd rather force a packet of spangles down me foreskin (again).

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. spangles? great idea., I'll try it with the misses.

    Posh ... no .... she swallows
  6. 8O
    come on lads, she`s not mega-essence, but you`d have to do her, if only for the dits you could spin about it!
    I agree with polar though, I`d love to! She`d do dry bum, no probs!! :twisted:
  7. yeah , ok i'd f*ck her .........right across the back of the head with a sledge hammer.
  8. Er - any chance of trying to keep this on a (clean) sports thread, only I'll have to transfer to Naafi otherwise..................

  9. In fact - I'll do it anyway!

  10. Posh spice is the only way England are going to get in to the top ten!............ and we don't even deserve that :evil:
  11. She is a useless bitch, useless at singing, fucking grinning slapper and all skin and bone. After shaggging many a QA, I like mine with some meat on. If I wanted to shaggg something so fucking skinny, I'd go to the local Psychiatric Hospital, Anorexia ward and do them. They'd have more meat :evil:

    She is a talentless slapper :x

    There said my piece.......rant over :wink:
  12. I'm (slighty) lost at why she is regarded as a world beauty. I'm not being nasty, but she's not a looker as such. When she smiles it's as if she has a coat hanger lodged in her mouth, which really doesn't look natural. She's been discribed as moody, which I find a complete turn off. But when you think of it, one minute she's in a band known all around the world, next she's riding on the back of her hubbies success because she's failed at a solo career, failed model, failed TV presenter. She has two kiddies, millions in the bank, so maybe it's time for her to realise the door of oppurtunity has closed for her and settle for a cozy life of dinner parties and holidays with the kids.
  13. She can keep those stunning looks ( 8O ) but i wouldn't mind being a penny behind her!
  14. Posh at 50!