Posh recruiting tents

Calling all you good folk involved in the world of recruiting,

Where does a unit source these all singing all dancing unit coloured recruiting tents,Are they from your own cap badge depot or through RFCA?
Are they easy to get hold of or are they shared by a number of units?
The couple I`ve come across were very unit specific with their Sqn or Reg sign written on to the tent

Any direction appreciated

Weve got one but not sure where we got it, I will try and find out though. Warning, they are f***ing expensive, but good
this is the best I can do, tent costs around £3K, yes £3K, but it is gucchi, folds down to very little, is all aluminimininmum stuff, so easy to put together an officer can do it,but, no idea where we got it from. Stands up on its own or with / without sides, comes in corps / regimental colours and is, for its size, very lightweight.
My only suggestion is to ring the Chief Clerk at 31 Sigregt which is in Southfields, London, called Alex, and ask him as he may have a brochure. tell him that scrooge ordered it in Aylesbury but you want one as well and he just might have the info.

Sorry I cannot be more helpful.

A very bitter and twisted Yeoman

Your first port of call should be your local RFCA, for two reasons:

1. They are the ones that pay for anything to do with recruiting, through your unit recruitment grant; and
2. RFCA are very fussy about what designs go on any recruiting materiels, whether that is pamphplets, posters or indeed tents. All designs (including the messages on them) have to be either from the Brand Catalogue or, if they are not actually in it, approved by the RFCA marketing manager.

One other point to bear in mind is that RFCA may have a contract for the supply of tents etc and therefore maybe able to get them more cheaply than would otherwise be possible.
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